The more then frequently asked question that you stumble upon in the interviews is ‘What was your last salary?’ This has been traumatizing for the candidates because of so many reasons. Thankfully, this trend is going to end real soon.

Change is inevitable, good or bad, but in this case, the change in the equal pay laws is going to be revolutionary and will be implementing the “salary secrecy” policy. The purpose of this change in the laws is to give equal rights to all the working people.

Many developed states around the world are already following this salary secrecy law in their countries and many others claim to be starting to pursue this policy before the end of 2018.

We would share with you, few tips for your better preparation for this regulation of salary secrecy in the equal pay law. But what we need to understand is that this effort has been started back in 2014 to make it into a rule through the senate into the policy of the country at state and government level using the implementation of ‘Paycheck Fairness Act’. A lot of seminars, workshops and campaigns were conducted to authenticate this change through the legislation of the country, outlining the following things:

Limits the inquiries related to former salary

The purpose of this highlighting issue was to cease the age-old habit of the employers to ask about the candidate’s previous salary. This will give the candidates more confidence and hope to do better through this job. He has every right to dream big and go higher as per his potential instead of undermining his own abilities or letting others to do so.

Give Rationale of Diverse Salaries

According to this new change the employer has to authenticate his reason for the diverse salary ranges. It would become a must for the employer to justify the change of salary he has assigned for different jobs. It can be merit, experience, understanding, skills and other demonstrable factors that a candidate is supposes to possess.

Not all states are following it already but many of the states are going through the requisites for this regulation.


Some countries have started following this law, some have started following it as a trend and many others are still thinking and contemplating about it. So, one way or the other, one might have to fall into the line of this law so why not be prepared about it. The better preparation for this law will help you in countless ways. Following are few tips regarding it:

  • Maintain a record of the on-going interview on any mode of convenience.
  • Ensure the use of official emails so the data or communication regarding the salary regulation or salary related questions (if any) could be retrieved out using the encryption or cpanel by the IT or HR Department for the breach of the law.
  • Amendments should be made in the respective job application forms or evaluation scripts after a proper inspection to make sure there is nothing in them against the new secrecy law.
  • Inform your interviewing panel to must not ask such salary questions, neither openly nor discreetly.
  • Renew your internal office orders regarding the salary laws in your company and the regulation should be amended regarding the way of communication and addressing with the new candidates and employees.
  • Set out a start scale for the selection of the employees.
  • Maintain a standardized system for the evaluation of the candidate’s skills, experience, knowledge and then set out a standard salary for the post announced. Keep your interviews as objective as possible that could not push the candidate to feel belittles or discouraged in any way.
  • Keep clear cut policies of objectives, and result evaluations to prove the merit of the candidate.