When they seek shelter in a house, annoying pests and critters can cause damage to homes and gardens. But unknown to many, the deterrents you need to keep them away from your property are all found in your kitchen. All you need to have to are basic DIY skills to combine some common household products. The result? A homemade pest solution that doesn’t cost a dime!

Consider the following homemade remedies to protect clothes from insect damage, home and garden from pesky, unwanted critters:

1. Borax and sugar as ant killer

Ants marauding in your kitchen? Bring out your sugar and Borax to create an effective ant killer. Apply this mixture along the line of marching ants to stop this pest problem. Mix ½ cup of sugar, two tablespoons of Borax, and a cup of scalding hot water for an instant ant killer.

2. Coffee grounds

The elixir of energy and creativity to humans is poison to most pests. Coffee is a fatal substance for ants. So if you want a pest-free kitchen, utilize your used coffee grounds at home and apply them on nooks and crannies where ants, bugs, and other critters hang out.

3. Mint-garlic as insect spray

Garlic and mint don’t only spice up your dishes, they make a good combo for eradicating pests as well. In a food processor, take some garlic cloves and mint leaves. Add a pinch or two of cayenne pepper and one drop of dishwashing liquid (for the solution to adhere better to plants). Boil the concoction and allow it to sit overnight. Transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray them on your plants to ward off pests.

4. Hot pepper spray

Concoct a stronger pest control solution for your garden using hot pepper. Mix three tablespoons of hot pepper flakes into one gallon of water (you can use ten cayenne peppers chopped finely). For 15 minutes simmer the ingredients in a pan. Allow it to sit for 24 hours. Strain the concoction and transfer it in a container then add some drops of dish soap.

5. Garlic, rosemary, lavender, or eucalyptus as dust mite repellent

How to permanently get rid of bed bugs? Make your own pest solution against dust mites using common herbs. Mix either garlic, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary oil, or peppermint into a spray bottle of water. Lightly spray it on your bed and allow the mist to air dry. Mites are repelled by the strong scent emitted by these herbs. Other herbs that are excellent pest repellents are basil and lemongrass. You can also use them to keep fleas and lice at bay.

6. Apple cider vinegar to ward off fruit flies

Make a natural fruit fly trap using an apple cider vinegar mixture. You’ll need a container with a funnel-shaped top or a shaker to let in flies but prevent them from escaping. Fill the bottle with apple cider vinegar (or plain vinegar and chopped pieces of apple).

7. Bananas and tin foil

Plants plagued with aphids? Bananas can get rid of them. Chop up a banana peel and place the shreds under the soil line surrounding the stems of the plants. Banana peels work in two ways: it shoos away critters and provides additional nutrients to the soil. Boost your plants’ protection by placing foil around the plant base to keep out aphids from the back side of the leaves. Sunlight will shine on the foil and the foil reflects off the light onto the leaves. However, as much as possible, avoid exposing the plant to too much light to avoid scorching it.

8. Eggs as deer deterrent

Want a unique way to veer deer away from your garden? A spray can help. Make a solution of 20 percent fresh eggs and 80 percent water. Mix them in a blender. Transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Spray some onto your plants and to the leaves of trees.

Let comfort and safety reign in your home by keeping pests away. Try these homemade pest control remedies to put your whole family at ease. (Note: In the case of serious pest infestation, it’s still best to seek the help of a pest control expert for safe, effective, and long-term pest management solutions).