Weather shifts across seasons are one reason fashion is so versatile. Hot days are ideal for showcasing your summer wear but when winter comes; you can pull out all your furs. All sorts of weather can inspire different fashion elements that we all absolutely love.

There are standard pieces that are a must have to get you through a bunch of different ways. Take note of these must-haves for the heat, snow, and rain.

Hot summer days

This is the best time to show off some skin and get a tan. Summer is the best time to show off those flirty, cute designs. Wear vibrant colors and print to complement the playfulness that summer brings. Here is a quick guide to a few things that you must have this coming summer.

Floral linen item

ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! Linen maxi dresses are perfect for the heat. You can get them with embroidery, flower, print or virtually any pattern. It is hard to say no to the variety that this summer essential offers. You may choose to get the high slit maxi dress for that stunning sexy summer style. What if I’m not into dresses? That is no big deal. Substitute the dress for a linen shirt or crop top. These are comfortable, free and stylish. Don’t forget to pair your look with summer shoes that complement your outfit.

Boyfriend jeans

Need I say more? Hands down the most versatile pair of pants you can have for summer. They not only look great but can also endure all those high energy summer activities. There is literally nothing you can’t do while in these jeans. If you are wondering, no, you don’t need a boyfriend to get these. They are perfect for those adventure-filled days that.

A comfy pair of sneakers

Having the perfect pair of shoes can make or break your summer look. You don’t need an entire shoe filled closet to look fabulous. Sneakers are a great choice because they go with all outfits for day or night fun. You can occasionally wear heels if you’re feeling up to it. I recommend wedges to give you that feminine summer vibe. Wedges are a comfy and stylish choice.

April showers

Don’t let your style get dulled by the gloomy weather. Rainy seasons are the best for some color blocking to brighten up the day. You may not get the chance to reveal as much skin, but you can still look stylish. Let’s look at the top three rainy day pieces:

A rain jacket

Why can’t I just use an umbrella? Well, you can opt for a rain jacket that will not only keep you dry but also flaunt your outfit. They are a great way to add on some color without trying too hard. Usually, rainy days invite dark, dull colors to hide any mud stains that might splash on you. Jackets are a fantastic rainy day life hack. A good jacket choice can elevate your look from zero to hero just like that. They are a great item to have just for those rainy seasons.

A pair of boots

Whichever type you choose, these are an excellent addition for a stunning finish to your outfit. Boots are a great protective accessory. You don’t have to worry about stepping in the occasional puddle. Ankle booties, biker boots, and riding boots are my top go-to choices. They have a way of adding an effortlessly chic element to all your outfits. Boots are not only easy to style but are great for this weather.

If you’re going for that simple, feminine aspect, why not try on those ankle booties. Consider putting on riding boots the next rainy season when you’re going for a simple, elegant vibe. Set your hardcore bad as side free with the right biker boots outfit combo.

One hat, please

Hats are essential for every season. This protective wear comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. You can keep warm and protect your hair from fizzing with the right hat. The best part about hats is the variety that comes with them. Beanies are a top choice for rainy weather. Like me, you could choose to get a silly one just for shits and giggles.

Winter has come

It’s about time to burst out your furs, jackets, and coat out of storage. Cold weathers are great for some stylish yet straightforward elegant looks. Burst out your sweater collection and accessorize with your favorite scarves this winter. Let’s have a look at the top fashion standards to have in your closet for this winter.

A great coat

Stay warm and look trendy with the right kind of jacket. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE trench coats. You can go any way with the right trench coat. Give off elegant vibes with that clean cut fitting trench coat or rock that simple causal jeans boots and top combo with a trench coat cover. Don’t underestimate the power of a stylish jacket; a great trench can go a long way.

On matters of coats – Faux Fur

Such a great addition to every winter themed closet. Keep yourself nice and toasty with this bold look. Fur brings a certain je ne sais quoi no other coat can imitate. Faux fur is a fabulous way to diversify your style without harming our animal friends.

Another one

I’m talking about hats. Don’t let any season go by without a signature hat. Protect yourself from the cold winter breeze with a stylish hat. Going for that cute girl next door look? Why don’t you add on a fleece hat for a complete flirty look? Finish off that fierce fur coat with a complimentary Russian Cossack faux fur hat.

Seasons are a good way to experiment with different trends and pieces. They force you to widen your horizons. Even so, there some essential articles that you must have. These will make sure you’re killing it throughout the year. As I said, don’t let any weather take away from your style. If anything, use different seasons to inspire different looks and styles.