While moving to a new home can be exciting, packing is anything but that. Making sure that all of your stuff gets from one home to another is daunting. And, unpacking is just as time-consuming. Clothes, dishes, and other household items can usually be moved without service. But, what if you have a piano? Do you move it or do you leave it behind?

Pianos are heavy on the outside, but they are delicate on the inside. Some can weigh over 1,000 pounds and can be worth over $50,000. When you are trying to decide whether or not to move your piano, consider what it is worth to you. But, the price to move a piano can be prohibitive for some people, you can learn more about Piano Movers of Texas before you make your decision.

So how do you decide whether you should leave your piano behind or move it to your new place?

1. Do some research

While you are deciding, research what it will cost you to move the piano. Some of the cost depends on how far you are moving, how much your piano weighs, and what type of piano you have. A grand piano will cost more to move than an upright piano. You might also have to consider how many floors of stairs your piano will have to cross to get to its final destination.

2. Check the lid on your piano

Before you make a decision, look into whether you can seal up your piano and protect the delicate pieces on the inside. If you cannot, then you might want to hire a licensed and insured mover to keep everything in one piece.

3. Decide if you have friends who can help

Some people have friends who can lift heavy things with ease. If you are one of those people, then you might not have to hire piano movers. Ask your friends and see if they are ready, willing, and able. If not, then a mover should be your next call.

4. Weigh the risk or reward

A big question to consider is whether you are concerned with what could happen if you move the piano without a licensed mover. What happens if you drop the piano? What if the case is damaged? Is repair more expensive than hiring a mover?

5. Consider your floors

Part of the issue with moving a piano is getting it out of your home and into your new one. If you are planning on pushing the piano over your floors, what type of floors do you have? Do you have wood floors that could be scratched? What about tile?

6. Do you use your piano

Another consideration is whether or not you actually use the piano. If you haven’t played it in years, you might consider leaving it behind, or putting it up for sale. Maybe the people moving into your home will want to buy it, which takes care of you having to move it.