Have you ever wondered if you had an opportunity to move abroad the destination you would choose? Well, this post could be what you have been waiting for. I’ll share some amazing reasons why you should choose a beautiful and vibrant city like Marbella, in Spain. With all the information contained here, your quest to select a dazzling city to start a new life could come to an end.

Marbella is a lively coastal town and this makes it incredibly popular. Both locals and visitors love to be here. In fact, Marbella is among the leading holiday destinations in Europe. Besides, it offers the best environment for expats to settle down and begin a new life. The climate is awesome, nothing to complain about the warm Mediterranean climate. If you are not yet convinced, here are fantastic reasons to assist you make a decision.

1. Beautiful climate

The climate of Marbella is the first thing that attracts people to this area. The climate here is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. Hence, the winter is not extremely cold and the summer is not terribly hot either. The weather will rarely turn against you in Marbella. Summer’s average temperature is about 25-35 degrees centigrade while the winter is about 16 degrees centigrade.

2. The surroundings

This coastal town of Marbella is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. The serene here is epic. From nearby stunning national parks to former noble hunting grounds of Donana, you have a chance to view thousands of migratory birds resting after a long journey. It doesn’t stop there. If you are a nature lover, this is the place to be. The swampy delta area is less populated and there are no roads. This makes the area the most superb place to take those peaceful walks as you meditate and unwind. You can also visit a nearby popular national park called Sierra Nevada. This nature reserve is rich in flora and fauna. Any time you feel like enjoying some fresh air, you know where to go.

3. Magnificent homes

One interesting thing about Marbella is the houses. They are astonishingly adorable. Marbella is among the few places in the world where you can get modern apartments with a beautiful sea view, superb villas in those nice golf resorts or a mansion surrounded by beautiful mountains. The list is endless and you are guaranteed to get the house of your dreams. There are also many amazing homes for sale in Marbella Spain. A good research should be enough to land you to a qualified legit real estate agent and before you know it, you will be owning a gorgeous home in Marbella.

4. Great shopping experience

Are you a real shopaholic? Then you should be living in Marbella. This paradise is full of convenient stores and big supermarkets. With all the numerous exclusive outlets, it would be impossible to lack what you seek. If you are crazy about new clothes, the exclusive boutiques in Puerto Banus has the best. The little shops are also great places to discover some real gems. Doing some shopping in Marbella is surely a rewarding experience.

5. Well connected

Marbella is among the easiest city to reach in Spain. You are not likely to experience any challenges when travelling to or leaving the town. From Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport, it is also pretty easier to travel to several major cities in the UK and Europe at large. Plus, Malaga and Marbella are well-connected with several available means of transport such as daily shuttle buses, taxis or even one’s own car.

6. The beach

In Marbella, you can live like you are in holiday all year round. Marbella beaches tops the list of the most amazing beaches on the whole of Costa del Sol. This is one of the many reasons that make Marbella to be referred as the most popular coastal town on this part of the country. The sun hours here are longer and so you have greater chances of enjoying the beaches the whole year. The Marbella beaches makes it possible for families to have fun as they stroll along the promenade, swim, sunbathe or build sand castles with their little ones. One thing you are guaranteed in Marbella beaches is to have lots of fun.

7. Marbella nightlife

Being bored in Marbella is next to impossible. This is where you get the best parties with a whole new experience. When you hit the streets of Marbella at night, the choices of where to go overwhelms you. The bars are fancy and the clubs are full of glamour. The only thing expected from you is to choose your best outfit, go out and be ready to be entertained for the better part of the night.

8. Food and drinks

It wouldn’t be right to mention good things about Marbella and leave an important section of food and drinks. This is a place you are sure to get good food. The restaurants offer various cuisines with the Spanish cuisine being the most prominent one. However, the restaurants here make sure there is something for everyone. So, any time you don’t feel like getting in the kitchen, you have plenty of choices from the best restaurants in Marbella.

Why choose Marbella?

Marbella is a fantastic place to buy your dream home and start a new life. If you haven’t been to Marbella before, getting to this city is not a problem. It is well-connected whether you are going by the air or the road. Its location close to the Autovia A7 highway which gives it access to several towns and cities along the Spain’s eastern coast. Hence, it wouldn’t be a problem when relocating from any part of the world. You will get the best means of transport to arrive in Marbella.

The city is full of pristine white beaches, stunning buildings and vivid cultures making it a perfect holiday destination. If you already leave here, you can invite your family members and friends to come and experience the best holiday destination ever. The city of Marbella is also safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about criminals breaking into your magnificent home while you are out in the beaches enjoying yourself with friends and loved ones.