Moving from one apartment to another is an excellent thing especially for those moving from a rented one to their own apartment. The joy and excitement from relocating into one’s house are second to none.

But before you move into your new apartment, there are essential things that you need to know before relocating.

Inform your current landlord that you are moving out

Most people move out of their rented apartment to a new one without informing their landlord. It isn’t the right thing to do. You are to notify your current landlord you will be moving out of the apartment. There are rules for renting properties and moving out especially in Dubai.

In Dubai, you have to inform your landlord at least 90 days before the day you intend to park out of the apartment. You are to park out on or before your tenancy contract expires except if your landlord gives you the privilege to overstay.

Most of the landlords in Dubai do issue move out permit which is one of the reasons you should get them informed earlier before the set date to move out.

Switch utility services

Now that you decide to move out of your apartment and you’ve pre-informed your landlord about your movement, you need to consider changing your utility services. It is an important thing you should do. You have to be in touch with your utility services and inform them you are switching services.

You have to get in contact with them for at least a month and get them informed of your decision to relocate. Also, you should try as much to update your utility address to your new home, so you don’t experience interrupted service.

Request for refund of security deposit

It is imperative that you deposit some specific amount of money for security or maintenance when moving into the building. It is a measure to ensure that you carefully live and relate with the building without causing any damages for the period spent in the apartment.

Once you inform your landlord and he/she is aware of your relocation, your landlord is to make a survey or inspection of the whole apartment to see to it that all is in good and proper condition. Once it is discovered that the apartment is in excellent condition, you can get all your money back. But if it is otherwise, you have to pay for the damages, and you might have to leave without getting a refund.

Get rid of unwanted stuff

Now that you’ve got your new apartment ready either through off plan or outright purchase from any of the trusted real estate broker in Dubai, the next is to start packing your loads. The very first thing you ought to do is to get rid of junks in your apartment.

There are some unused and unnecessary gadgets or appliances that are not useful, but they eat up space in your old apartment. You have to get rid of them and never take them to the new apartment. Identify all those things that you know will be less useful in your new apartment and try as much to trash them.

Hire a mover

Lastly, now that you’ve set all things in place and you are ready to move, you need to get a mover. Moving things yourself might be quite challenging especially for those with large properties. Getting a mover will ease the work for you as you have to pay them for the service rendered. You are then left with decorating and arranging your new apartment to your taste.