Many of us strive to enhance our lifestyle in various ways, as work-life balance and other aspects of a busy schedule can add clutter and stress to our daily lives. Many blogs are devoted to helping readers improve their approach to the everyday struggle, where 400+ million people read more than 20 billion pages of blogs each month. The most popular lifestyle blog topics include family, finances, self-help, beauty and aesthetics, and travel.

The Most Popular Lifestyle Blog Subjects

Blogs have gained popularity for delivering useful and valuable content. However, the most popular ones focus on personal topics and home living.

Family and Parenting

Being a parent can come with a lot of challenges. Every stage of a child’s growth comes with notable changes, which poses a problem for new parents who don’t understand their kids. Family and parenting blogs provide helpful input, such as bullying, awkward puberty questions, and even what to get their kids as a gift. Many of these blogs are written by psychologists, therapists, counselors. However, even more lifestyle blogs are written by wisened parents who have had years of experience raising a household of children.

Money and Frugal Living

Coupon books have evolved as the internet has become a great way to discover discounts. Now frugal living blogs provide internet hacks with great solutions for those on a tight budget. Financial planning blogs have increased, in part because of the rise of the growing Millennial crisis. Many in this age group have limited job opportunities, massive student loan debts, and a high cost of living wherever they go. Basically, life is expensive. These blogs have paved the way for many to find clever solutions to their financial woes.

Personal Growth

Many people are ambitious but aren’t fortunate enough to have a wealthy mentor behind them. They also may not be able to afford a life coach who can encourage them to reach their goals. Personal growth blogs fill the void for individuals who want to reach their full potential but don’t know how to get started. They motivate readers and help them find ways to improve their life in many areas.

Fashion and Beauty

The aesthetics of physical beauty and fashion will always be a staple throughout the tests of time. However, fashion trends change rapidly, and many aren’t aware of what trends are in and where to purchase the latest styles. As science and medicine grow and add to our vast knowledge and innovations, new beauty techniques have come to the forefront. New technology means more ways to improve beauty. This is through nutrition, cosmetics, toiletries, and surgery. Beauty blogs help teach readers about new ways they can enhance their beauty naturally or artificially.

Travel and Hospitality

An entire niche of readers is devoted to travel, where bloggers either describe their personal experience or tip their viewership on hidden gems. Travel blogs help you to learn about countries you plan to travel to. It helps provide information about the locals, where to try the best foods, the best sights to see, and how to get there. Many travel blogs also clue you in on hacks that help you save money. Especially now that the Air BNB industry has taken off, people can travel more affordably.

You Can Discover More Popular Topics on Lifestyle Blogs

The most popular blogs aren’t limited to those mentioned above, as many more topics can attract loyal readers. Home and garden, relationships, and social media are popular as well.