Would you like to get your site to the top pages of Google search results? It’s not that tough. This year, gear up to understand what are the factors that drag SEO rankings high. Google never scandalize users with the results, in fact over search engines you’ll get what you deserve.

We hate to announce but truth is, if you’re not on a first page of Google result, it indicates you’re lacking in sales. More than 90% of people go with results available on the first page and very minor quantity of users scroll to other pages. There are hidden tricks that indicate Google ranking, let’s see what are they?

How Google Ranking Works?

Google is a canny search engine; it works to prevent black hat SEO schemes and offers the best experience to users. Google search goes through lots of signals to display the best search results.

One single word comes up with multiple meanings. Suppose, you search a word called ‘dinner set’, uncountable results will be delivered to your screen like which is the best dinner set? What material is used to form a dinner set? And more.

SEO can’t perform without Google and further, you can’t succeed in the business world. It’s like a parameter that takes your efforts and turns into success. That is why it is much better to reply to professionals that can help you achieve measurable results. However, it is quite a challenge to find the right ones that know exactly what they are doing. Gotch SEO did the most difficult part for you and analyzed SEO companies leaving only the best one for your reference.

Read Out Important SEO Factors To Rank Well

1. Web design

Every time Google comes up with a new trend and the same thing happens this year.

Mobile-friendly web design is more reliable to get a good rank. On a daily basis, maximum users turn to mobile for their searching. So, it’s obvious Google starts recognizing mobile users first, which means a design that is well performed over mobile screens will get a good position. The site with mobile content and design will be introduced at top levels.

An eye catchy design with decent color scheme puts heavy influence over the visitors. As much viewers come to search your site, the more traffic you’ll receive. A perfect design is what? Let’s study:

Layout and Visual Appearance

A site’s overall look is one vital component of web design. As you heard about the quote: first impression stays longer, so it’s compulsory to polish up a site in a way it attracts the audience.

Less than a minute viewer has taken to switch to another site if they find improper layout over your site. The design should be simple, clean and accessible.

Craft or Fonts

Need a stable font to communicate with users via messages. Stay away from common Arial or Times New Roman font style; adapt something different and pleasant looking.

An expert web designer packs with world-class skills to design a website. A fresher or beginner can’t reach to the point what an ace can do.

Secure Site

It’s important to start from zero to know about the secure sites in detail. The ‘s’ after http signifies secure. Have you noticed HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security), when searching for website? It permits secure connections; the browser gets from a web server.

Secure Sites save Customer’s Information in Three Forms

  • Encryption: It protects the user’s action to be tracked or information from being stolen.
  • Data integrity: It assists file from being corrupted on transferring to another receiver.
  • Authentication: Escort from attackers and share a strong bond.

It’s crucial to run with secure sites to discard illegal/illogical facts and more preference is given to secure site to protect the valuable data. Even Chrome takes initiative by labelling a site that’s not secure.

2. Healthy Backlinks

Getting links from high authority will benefit SEO ranking but if you’ve got linked from a low authority, spam websites, it hurts your online reputation.

Make a connection with a trustworthy site via backlinks, rise up your image in the eye of search engines. If you want to create healthy site status, need to get stronger backlinks, as it improves your overall ranking and drives leads to your site.

3. Website Content

Quality content is must to run a website over the path of success. Is your site has good quality content? Free from spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, Plagiarism free and no addition of irrelevant topics/details.

To keep the customers on your site, it’s important to add high-quality content along with images. Too short or too lengthy content on site may influence the SEO ranking. Every single detail about brand or product should be mentioned in an effective way. It attracts the users and boosts up ranking of a site.

In short, if you want to elaborate; what is quality content? It can be defined as quality content is equal to high search ranking, which further extends organic website traffic.

It is mandatory to focus on content quality. To have phenomenal content you should hire experts.

4. Social Media Signals

Whether social media signals not directly hit to SEO ranking but still have primary facts to enhance reputation:

Increase Online Visibility

The main aim of using social media is to increase the marketing of your site. More people see your ads, more chances to grab them towards your site. The social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have maximum accounts and it’s genuine to get heavy traffic from the advertisements.

Brand Recognition

Through social media, you can highlight your brand. In the market, brand recognition is important if you want to uplift SEO ranking.

Suppose a user has seen your ad on Facebook and find informative stuff, definitely, they add some extra points to the traffic. And if they get quality material, will surely aware few others.

You have to adhere with basic to high-level aspects to get a desirable rank. For productive results, SEO ranking is must. As we explained in the starting, cutting-edge web design turns your visitor to be a client. A designer who has the capability to get an imaginary graphic design into reality can promise you to rise up a business reputation.

Beating your competitor is quite hard but not impossible. The above-mentioned trait is the foundation of your website and we all know if cornerstone is stronger, building (site) will be incomparable.
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