Mommy and my photoshoots are not only trendy and fun, but they’re also extremely special. Imagine how you’ll cherish these photos years down the line when your little one is all grown up and can no longer cuddle them or adore those toothless smiles.

Capture some extraordinary moments with your precious little ones with some fantastic ideas we have rounded up for you.

1. Open Fields

Open fields are the ideal backdrops. If you can afford it, booking a short photoshoot trip out of the city or in the suburbs is a great idea. But if you cannot, then finding a vacant piece of land nearby, a community park in the neighborhood, or a pretty piece of land around your locality will work perfectly too.

The idea is to capture that special bond amid a backdrop of nature, such as yellow flowers or an autumn picture under a tree with red-orange leaves scattered around you two, or in the season of blooms. Summer photos come great in sunflower fields, for example.

2. Close Pose

A bond as special between a mother and her son/daughter is truly a gift to be cherished and celebrated. Closes poses work great for such photoshoots, and you could try some for yours. You could lay down on a special blanket with your child cuddled close to you have the photographer shoot from different angles.

You could also hold your newborn baby against your chest and close to your heart for the perfect mommy-child bonding picture. And what could be a better picture than a mommy-daughter hug? Sometimes clichés are too beautiful to look boring!

3. Colorful Textures and Buildings

Colorful textures and buildings add a lot of aesthetic appeal to the mommy and my photoshoots. They add a special touch of fun and the right splash of colors. You could hunt for some photo-worthy locations in your locality. Universities, government buildings, and brick structures often look very homey and traditionally classic.

You could also consider movie theatres with a color scheme, such as mint tiles, etc., for the backdrop.

4. Include Candid Shots

Candid shots never fail to look natural and wholesome. If you have a young enough child, spin them around to capture magical shots from a lower angle or indulge them in some play while the photographer does his/her best.

If you have more than one child and want to include all of them in a shot, you could go for some poses. Perhaps involve them in a little ring dance, and the photographer snaps away as you each shake a leg and laugh together.

5. Choose a Style

The best part of this photoshoot is that you can incorporate a dozen creative possibilities. If you can manage it, then elaborate props are the best way to create a fantasy appeal. You could opt for something like mommy bathing her newborn in the sink, reading your toddler a bedtime story, etc.

You could also select a playtime theme, and shots of mommy pushing her child on the swing with the wind ruffling their hair is utterly adorable.

6. Do Not Ignore the Wardrobe

Please do not underestimate the power of wardrobe planning for mommy and me photoshoot. If you’re going with a theme, mommy and me outfits might be an interesting choice. Also, ensure you and your child’s wardrobe fits right in. You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing formal clothes if you’re getting a shot while bathing your baby in the sink, right?

But cute shorts and tank tops would be ideal for playtime. You can choose a t-shirt with a funny or encouraging message like the Mama Bear shirt – acting as a reminder that you are capable for whatever task is at hand!

The point is that the props and setting must complement the choice of outfits because only then will the entire look coordinate in the captures.

7. You Must Have Great Light

Photos look great when you click them with proper light, and mommy and me portraits are no exception to this rule. Since this shoot involves a hyper-active baby or toddler most likely, it is wise not to have lighting set-ups that a toddler can quickly turn into a light disaster.

Hence, you would never get good images with an active toddler and three flashes, for example. Instead, you could consider the golden hour or backlighting ideally for such portraits. For indoor shoots, you may also consider simple studio lighting or window lights.

8. Interact with Your Child

Yes, traditional poses do look good on walls and mantelpieces, but we are now in the age of creativity and more. The more treasured mommy and me portraits now are the ones where you see a heart-warming interaction in the images.

You love to see warm smiles and lit-up eyes of the two special people in the picture. You could play a little peek-a-boo game or some fun tickling just before the shot to create the most natural smiles for the pictures.

Also, consider lifetime sessions if you have a toddler or three-four year old child. Fun activities like playing games, baking, or decorating at Christmas look adorable in the pictures.

Final Thoughts

Mommy and my portraits are just as special as the other ones in your life, such as wedding and engagement photoshoots. They deserve all the attention to detail and creativity you can add to them.