A new perspective has been added to traditional self storage option, that perspective is called mobile storage option. Mobile storage companies ensures that your goods or items are delivered to you instead of commuting them to a storage facility. What mobile storage do differently for you is that they assist you to remove the unit when it arrive at their storage facility, or as soon as you have completed the packing exercise, they will ensure that your belongings are transported to a safe and a secure storage facility either for short term or long term storage.

Your storage unit can also be transferred to the exact location in case you are relocating. That means that if you are moving from the United States to the Faroe Islands for instance, mobile storage option will guarantee that your belongings get to you on the Faroe Islands.

General Features

The features offered by each mobile storage company differs from the other depending on size, climate control features that can adjust or regulate temperature, makeup for humidity shortage, differences in door configuration which can either exists as; one, one or more in the centre, or one on both ends as well as differences in price.

These discrepancies in features are peculiar to mobile storage companies. Doors are fitted with extra safety features to ensure that no item is lost, all depending on the preference of the client. As a security rule, the renter naturally is the sole possessor of the key.


Portable storage are built in such a convenient manner that they can occupy your lawn or garage. Mobile storage have features that can accommodate your furniture so that during renovation works like painting a building or pulling down the walls, they can contain your furniture.

This means that you can conveniently return your properties to your building immediately the renovation work is complete. The configuration of the mobile storage unit helps to ensure ease in moving things.

While your belongings are held up in a storage facility, you can either go there to add or remove your item, anytime your so desire.


With the existence of other self storage options, you cannot rule out the possibility of competitiveness this storage option creates. Mobile storage costs includes added costs such as the cost of transportation. If the units are sent to a mobile storage company for safekeeping and the need arises for your item to transported, additional cost could be incurred.

Even this do not skyrocket the price you are required to pay in some mobile storage companies. To be on a safer side, ensure you compare the cost of hiring a moving company or renting a personal truck to the price that mobile storage companies will charge for the same service.

The discovery you will make is that the prices will be competitive but the ease, professionalism, and versatility that mobile storage companies affords would prove satisfactory.

Benefits Of Mobile Storage

  1. Reduced Stress: Mobile storage units ensures that moving your items would become stress-free. Mobile storage gives you the room to load your items directly into storage. All you need to do is to take care of your items at once. This reduces the amount of time you spend on loading which also reduces the probability of damaging the items.
  2. Accessibility: Most mobile storage units are reachable and accessible round the clock unlike most storage facility which have opening and closing time. Mobile storage work to ensure that your mobile storage vault is placed in their customer viewing area in order to make it easy for you to access it.
  3. Reduction Of Damage: Mobile storage systems has the same size and type that most moving industries possesses. This ensures that you can pack your items tightly to prevent or limit the probability of damage arising from shifting loads as well as prevent damage caused by humidity. Mobile storage also provides professional packing supplies that most storage facilities or rented trucks lack.
  4. Safety: With mobile storage units, you can lock your items in. Unlike some storage facilities which may or may not lock them. This ensures that you goods are secured. The locks used are of superior quality that if reduces or limits the incidence of burglary. The locks are also weather-resistant. To make sure your mind is at rest, you’ll be given the key to such a vault.
  5. Cost Effective: Mobile storage units helps you to cut down the cost of using a storage facility whose bills can skyrocket astronomically at any time. Most mobile storage units will not require you to sign any long term contract. The contract is usually monthly. With this, you will be able to save considerable amount of money annually.