One of the most popular ways of concealing your television is by converting or making it into a mirror TV. This is one of the coolest options for those homeowners who want to have a centrally-located television but don’t want to look at it all the time. Thus, the TV will serve two purposes in one – first is being a medium for entertainment, and the second one is a household decoration. Mirror TVs allow your flat screen to double as a mirror, thus having the ability to easily switch back and forth. There are of course some embedded questions especially to those who are considering installing the mirror TV in their households. Some of those questions are like how to these Mirror TVs work, what consideration should be taken into account when shopping for one, and with that is involved in a mirror TV installation.

The technology that is behind the Mirror TVs is the use of a dielectric glass or also known as a smart glass. Together with the use of electricity in the physical properties of the dielectric glass, the mirror TV acquired the ability to easily change at the flip of a switch which allows the glass to convert from transparent to opaque and vice versa.

The process of manufacturing a dielectric glass is quite an advanced stuff. This gives a variety in the type and quality of the mirror TVs. Those which have lower end smart glass will lead to a decrease in the brightness of the TV when the TV is turned on. Lower end smart glass may also give a weaker reflection when the TV is turned off. This is why it is most recommended that when you are planning to buy a mirror TV, make sure that you are able to visit a showroom to actually see the item and assess if it is acceptable or not.

There are companies which offer good quality mirror TVs. Some of them offer several glass options which can be compatible with different areas and in different lighting scenarios. Some also offer an extensive frame collection and some offer beveling options. Some even have waterproof and outdoor items.

The mounting support for this should be stronger than those regular ones because the mount should also be able to support the weight of the glass. It should also be made sure that the television is getting the right ventilation so to prevent the TV to overheat. A black TV is most recommended in mirror TV because it will help aid the reflection better against other TV colors when the mirror TV is turned off.

In shopping for a mirror TV it is very important that you are able to choose the best TV so that it will complement with the design and how you want your mirror TV to perform in the area where you choose it to be installed. Below are some guides in choosing the right TV for you:

What TV size do you want?

How big you want your television to be is one of the primary considerations when you are contemplating to buy a new television. This will of course depend on how much money you have allocated in buying the item and of course the space of where you want to place your television. One way to make sure that you have bought with the right size is by measuring first the area where you would want the TV to be installed. It is important also that you consider the wall where the TV will be mounted and the distance from where you will be sitting when you are to watch the television. This will really boil down on your own judgment and your own needs and how much you are willing to spend on a TV.

What type of resolution do you want?

The resolution of a television refers to the number of dots or pixels that make up the screen of the TV. So, the more pixels that make up the screen, the sharper the display is going to be. This is also affected by the screen size because the pixels will be dispersed across the screen that will make the display not as clear as it should be.

There are already TV companies who are using the term Ultra HD but essentially this is just of the same resolution of a 3840 by 2160 pixels. Ultimately, how you want your experience is going to be when you are watching your favorite shows or online streams such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

What display technology do you want?

These days, there are two major technologies which are competing for television display. One is the ubiquitous LED LCD while the other one is the more expensive OLED. Recommending one against the other is a bit tricky because each manufacturer adds their own twists and proprietary technology so to stand out from the other manufacturers. If you really want to get a sense of how each of the displays differs, it is best that you visit your local stores so you will have a better disposition on what kind of display you prefer.

Any other features that should be considered?

Of course, there are other salient features that you would want to consider when you buy a TV, and this depends on how much nitty-gritty you want as for the details in the evaluation of buying your own TV set for your Mirror TV. You might want to consider the sound quality or the brand of the TV, and any quality certification that such manufacturer has.

So when you have chosen the right model for your mirror TV, you should keep in mind that there will also be other costs to be considered such as the installation for the mirror TV. From an interior designer’s point of view, TVs with large flat screens are often a hefty obstacle towards achieving an eye-catching room layout. So with the use of Mirror TVs, you will now be able to hide your TV in plain sight.