Some 80% of young drivers would consider buying an electric car according to new research conducted by Marmalade, the leading provider of cars and insurance for young drivers. The survey questioned drivers, aged 17-24 years old, about their thoughts on purchasing electric cars and their perception of these vehicles. Furthermore, almost 85% said they would purchase an electric car in a bid to being more environmentally friendly.

There were concerns from young drivers regarding current specifications of electric cars including 82% of respondents stating that the limited miles from a battery are a drawback. In addition 80% of those who completed the survey said that the lack of public battery charging power points could be a problem.

Despite these concerns almost 75% of respondents said that they would consider buying an electric car to keep running costs of the vehicle low. Four out of five millennials stated that the zero road tax on electric cars was a key consideration in buying an electric car.

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, said: “Our latest survey told us that our young drivers are thinking more about a car’s green credentials before purchasing. I think this highlights a requirement for the industry and government to invest more heavily and quickly in this area of technology. With a more environmentally conscious, new generation of drivers, if more steps are taken to ensure electric cars are more widely available and catered for it will help young people to access the cars they want to drive at an affordable price.”

David Aniculaesei, an 18-year-old Marmalade customer, says: “I would happily own an electric car instead of my petrol one because it would mean lower costs, it would be environmentally friendly and overall a better solution for commuting.”

Marmalade offers over 35 models of new car from 14 manufacturers, chosen specifically with young drivers’ needs in mind, including the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen e-Golf, through its Cars for Young Drivers offering.

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