Military haircuts over the years have not been known to be trendy or stylish; however, the right style on the right person can make a whole world of difference. Historically, soldiers only used a military haircut, but such haircuts have gained popularity amongst men in the last few years. Go to Livetray and find why this type of haircut became so popular.

All military-style haircuts are short and faded, and this is because short hair is low-maintenance, hygienic and will never block a soldier’s vision in battle. Here are the 15 hottest military haircuts of 2020 anyone from the military to the bloody civilian can try on.

15 Classy Military Haircut this Season

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are the ultimate guy haircut. They are wash and go, easy to maintain, and basically fool-proof. Back in the days, a buzz cut was when you shave all your hair down with a clipper; however, in recent times, the terminology has gotten a little loose as buzz cuts have graduated into an entire category of haircuts, with subtle differences between popular buzz cut styles. Since no head is exactly alike, even the same buzz cut style may look different from man to man. So, when you are thinking of buzzing it down, think about your face shape and what sort of buzz might look best.

2. Zero Buzz Cut

As the name suggests when you use no guards on the clippers and take it down to the skin, that is what you call a ‘zero.’ It is pretty much like shaving off all of your hair. It’s the extreme buzz cut out there.

3. Induction Buzz Cut

This is the shortest, uniform kind of buzz cut made famous by the military as they shave the recruits’ hair all the way down upon induction into their service, hence the name. The induction cut is a nice way to reset your ‘canvas’ after your dyed hair grows out or eager to shear away an unmanageable longer style. Pair it with a fresh, skin-close shave or contrast it with a week’s old beard.

4. Burr Buzz Cut

The burr cut takes things slightly further than the induction. It is usually short enough that it feels prickly like sandpaper. Therefore, yes, your friends will still be rubbing your head for good luck. This is a good one if you do not have aggressively thinning hair. With the burr, thinning and recession will be accentuated, so proceed with caution.

5. Fade Buzz Cut

The key components are that the sides start short or sometimes shaved bald with a razor with the faded buzz. Then it fades upward, gradually or abruptly towards the crown, which usually sports a uniform length. This is one you need to touch up every two weeks since the bare skin down below grows out fast.

6. Butch Cut

The hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension with the hair below the upper portion of the sides and the back of the head tapered short.

7. Crew Cut

Here is where the lines blur even more. Many fade cuts are also crew cuts; however, a crew cut has blending on the sides, but there is typically a little extra fringe up top. This allows you to style your hair. A crew cut is one of the universal and always flattering styles you can get.

8. High and Tight Buzz Cut

It is also a fade style and often considered a type of crew cut. The sides are kept short all the way up the head’s sides, and the blending is clean around the dome. As such, the fading is high, and it is tight.

9. High and Tight Recon

The difference between a high and tight and a recon high and tight is the amount of hair left on top of the head. A recon leaves less visible hair on top of the hair compared to a high and tight.

10. Ivy League ‘Buzz’ Cut

There are air quotes around ‘buzz’ here because the Ivy League cut is mostly done with scissors. However, the lower sides are short enough that the barber still needs to buzz them. It is all low on the sides, with a high guard. It is an ever-reliable cut, especially for people whose hair grows a bit boxier around the upper sides.

11. Regulation Cut

This is one of the longer army haircuts you might see. It involves trimming the top of the hair down, and the sides are tapered off completely, leaving it up to you to decide how much skin you want to be visible.

12. Brush Cut with Fade

Also known as brush cut, with the hair on top buzzed into place. With longer hair on top, the fade blends the head’s sides and back to taper the look and create contrast.

13. Messy Brush Cut

The hair on top is buzzed into place and with longer hair on top that is messy and textured for a natural finish.

14. Undercut

The hair here is left long on the top, while the sides (and often the back) are buzzed short. This emphasizes the hair on top of the head and creates a vibrant distinction between the top and sides.

15. Low Fade Comb-Over

This is a combination of two classic haircuts for men, featuring a fade that begins lower near the ears and a top hair combed or deeply parted to one side. With this fade’s smart finish, any comb-over style would have distinct freshness and individuality.


While there isn’t just one best military haircut for everyone, you have to be familiar with the shape of your face and what exactly fits you as there are definitely a lot of cool and stylish military cuts worth checking out there.