To get a specific look, you have the choice of many different features. Botox has been around for years and continues to be a safe way to look young. Micro-needling is the new kid on the block, with plenty of positive results to back up its claims. While Botox for cosmetic use is still the top choice, questions about the effectiveness of both have become a hot topic.


Botox is the original antiaging procedure. Being able to reach aesthetic goals without major surgery was a big deal when Botox came out. It is quick, painless and the healing time has become much improved from its original form. Just like micro-needling, Botox started out as an alternative option for cosmetic surgery.

Botox is a poison that is injected into the muscle underneath the skin. This partially paralyzes the area, providing a nice, smooth appearance. Movement is restricted enough to prevent the lines from worsening over time. So, in that sense, Botox works double-time to stop and prevent wrinkles or lines. You can consult at side effects botox to know more about botox.

The type of injection you get will determine the strength of the effects. This means results will vary from person to person. Injections are needed every 3-6 months but hold well when applied properly.


Micro-needling is the new alternative to Botox that is a new take on cosmetic surgery. Instead of paralyzing the muscle, micro-needling is a small tool that stimulates the surface of the skin. The SkinPen device is painless and can reach the same areas as Botox.

The body is at its best when the natural resources it uses are put to good use. With the SkinPen, an individual’s cells are reprogrammed to intelligently target problematic areas. The small punctures created by the SkinPen helps blood flow and increases the chance that the skin will produce elastin and collagen.

Micro-needling requires more upkeep, with multiple procedures throughout the year providing the best results. Patients should expect gradual improvement over time with this procedure rather than a quick fix. Micro-needling is for more than wrinkles and has been proven to treat acne scars.

Which Is Better?

Why not both? This has been the answer from many leading dermatologists when it comes to Botox and micro-needling. Botox can be used as the foundational cosmetic surgery while micro-needling works as a compliment.

With Botox, you will get finer results in a single session. As a bonus, the injections will prevent further damage in the treated area. Micro-needling encourages the skin to use its own collagen and elastin to heal the skin for a young, healthy look. That means faster healing from more complicated Botox sessions.

Together, both procedures provide all of the benefits of cosmetic surgery without any of the drawbacks. It is painless, quick, and completely reversible. If you’ve had doubts about the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures, then this one-two combo will be a welcome change of pace.

Wrap Up

Botox is the closest that the world has ever come to the fountain of youth. It is an effective cosmetic solution that keeps on improving. With micro-needling, patients now have a chance to improve the entire process.