If you’re considering a summer vacation to an island paradise, but are looking for more affordable options than Hawaii, consider adding Malta to your list of possibilities.

Warm weather, beautiful shorelines, turquoise waters, and historical sites are just some of what Malta has to offer for summer visitors. Malta is a tiny island in the central Mediterranean that frequently gets overlooked because of its size. However, tourists that travel here will not have any problem finding plenty to do.

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So, you might be wondering – why Malta?

Sandy and rocky shorelines

Malta has plenty of sandy and rocky beaches to enjoy, though the rocky beaches tend to be less crowded.

Those who are looking for a traditional beach experience will enjoy Mellieha Bay. Mellieha Bay is Malta’s largest sandy beach. The waters near the shore of the beach are shallow and calm, which makes it an ideal location for many families. However, there are also deeper waters further out, which allow people to participate in watersports. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months.

Armier Bay is another favorite beach for many because the beach has both rocky and sandy shorelines. If you’re interested in staying near a beach, consider a Malta All-Inclusive package.

Plenty of history

While those that go to Malta will want to spend at least one day enjoying the beach, Malta has so much more to offer than sand and water! Malta’s rich history dates back to around 5900 BC.

The Megalithic Temples throughout the islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino are some of the oldest structures in the world. These temples are significant in understanding the evolution of the Maltese culture. Artifacts from within the temples can also be found at Malta’s National Museum of Archaeology.

Another place that is rich in history is Malta’s capital city, Valletta. In addition to several museums, Valletta has over 200 historical locations to explore, including St John’s Co-Cathedral.

Outdoor locations to explore

There are plenty of natural sites to explore in Malta and the surrounding islands, perfect for anybody that enjoys hiking or photography.

The Dingli Cliffs are a popular place to hike and explore. These cliffs are the highest point in Malta, allowing visitors to get amazing views of the island and the Mediterranean. The cliffs provide particularly breathtaking views during sunrise and sunset.

Another favorite location is the Azure Window, which is part of the sea cliffs on the nearby Gozo island. This limestone rock formation was featured in Game of Thrones during the Dothraki wedding scenes. Unfortunately, the rock formation has since crumbled, but some of the remains can still be seen.

Snorkeling and diving

For those that love underwater adventure, there are several spots around Malta where snorkeling and diving are common.

Those who have never tried snorkeling before will want to head to the Blue Lagoon, which is shallow and has crystal clear waters. These are ideal conditions to learn how to snorkel before moving into deeper waters. There are also caves around the area for experienced snorkelers.

Those that have experience with scuba diving will want to head to the Blue Hole. This cave goes down 200 feet and is accessible from an underwater tunnel. Those that dive in this location will have the chance to see marine life that includes octopi and morays.

Delicious cuisine

Those that visit the island get the chance to try traditional Maltese cuisine. Maltese cuisine draws upon the flavors of other nearby countries and combines them with local produce.

In certain parts of Malta, such as Sliema, street food is common. Savory pastries filled with cheese, vegetables, and various meats such as sausage are popular. Fresh bread is also common. The locals will often buy a loaf, then take it home to enjoy with supper.

As far as restaurants, two popular Maltese dishes are fried lampuka (a type of fish that is locally caught) and rabbit stew. Other types of seafood, including swordfish and sea bass, are also common. You’ll also want to try the locally brewed beer.

Final thoughts

Those who travel to Malta will want to plan to spend at least a week exploring Malta and the surrounding islands. Keep in mind that while the weather in Malta is warm all year long, the summer months are when it is the hottest, so you’ll be able to enjoy those beautiful beaches.