A serious and stylish, respectable and self-confident man today follows fashion and takes care of the way he looks. It means choosing items that are the most suitable and combine them with quality shoes and accessories. Such a person will always dress to impress and attract the attention by his appearance and taste. And in his wardrobe, you will find only carefully selected things. Consequently, in the article, we will talk about the main tendencies of men’s fashion so that you can decide what to buy and which items are better to put away for later.

Every stylish and bright man has a desire to dress up according to the latest fashion, regardless of how old he is and what position in society he occupies. The difference in the choice is only that the younger generation is not scared of experimenting, while the more mature men will try to stick to something more classic. But even if you consider a business suit, you can make it more interesting with a noticeable detail. For example, a bright t-shirt with a strict jacket and jeans makes a man look more interesting, which might help you attract single women for marriage. This mixed style has become popular with young entrepreneurs and businessmen. What other interesting combinations can be made using the knowledge of the latest trends? Read below to find out.

Six main tendencies for the spring-summer season

Bright colors

The color palette for men differs from the female one. The designers have focused on bright colors: neon shades or just pure bright colors. Combine colors carefully so as not to look like an urban crazy.

Long-length jackets

Suits with elongated jackets will be very popular this season. If you have a dress code at work – it will be very appropriate. But if you’re going to buy a classic costume for official events, it’s best to stick to traditional cuts.

Raincoats with a belt

For several seasons, over-size has not let our hearts down, but it’s time to change direction a bit. This season will not be full of belted cloaks: they emphasize the shape and visually add to your height.


Foldable pockets on jackets, pants, vests and generally on top of any clothes will be trendy, and most importantly, practical. You hit two targets at the same time: fashion and comfort.

Sports style

For more than one season, the craziness about the sporty casual style continues everywhere: at work, in everyday life, at official events and, not surprisingly, in sports. Anoraks, sports jackets, suit t-shirts – all of these items are safe to put on this year.

Trendy color palette

  • Dark brown shades can emphasize men with status, serious and purposeful. Wearing things of this color, combine them with beige for a perfect match. For example, beige pants go well with a brown shirt of a darker shade and the same color of shoes.
  • Blue colors of clothing are also on their peak of popularity. They are chosen by leaders and people who hold respectable posts. The clothes in such tones are practical and perfectly combine with other shades. The new season for men is represented by popular shirts and office jackets in blue.
  • Fashion offered us a new wave of floral print. This is a mix of mustard, white and graphite colored flowers that are used in everyday things. They are presented in casual and free images of men.
  • For the owners of brown eyes, the color of caramel iris will be perfect; it can be also combined with velvet and suede accessories.
  • Graphite is also in trend in this season as presented on jackets, shorts, and t-shirts. The most unbelievable variations of the gray shade will be found on runaways in the spring-summer collections. A mixture of graphite and lilac looks gorgeous as for business suits.

In the new season, the leather makes a comeback

The trend of this year will be comfort and casualty. This can be noticed in the popularity of knitted and textured items. This, every man must add knitted sweaters to his wardrobe in several designs. Woolen coats, cardigans, large voluminous scarves will be popular. All this creates a careless style.

In the past season, clothes made of velvet took over the runway shows, and this tendency continues. Many designers have jackets, coats, and bombers of this trendy texture in their collections. Black, brown, gray, plum, lavender and other fashionable shades stay popular.

Summer trends

In the summer male clothing will be more vivid than in the spring. That’s why designers have offered us all kinds of shades of fashionable men’s clothing. The highlight of the season is white things, light textures, and breathable fabric. An outfit consisting of truncated white pants and t-shirts of the same color is on the peak of the popularity right now. Such a sense of serenity is suitable for a trip to a warm country.