Enlarged male breasts is surprisingly a common condition that men suffer from. What is sometimes referred to as “man-boobs” is often a reason for low self-confidence in men? In clinical terms, this condition is known as “gynecomastia” and it is caused by the presence of excess fat deposit in the chest area and abundance of glandular tissue. This leads to swelling of breast tissue in men and gives an appearance of enlarged breasts. The good news is that this condition is completely treatable with a minor procedure known as male breast reduction surgery.

More About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is not a serious medical condition and it may not impact the physical health, but it can cause emotional and psychological complexes. There is no specific reason for the occurrence of this condition, but it is largely found when there is an imbalance of the hormones, specifically estrogen and testosterone.

Other reasons that can cause this issue is genetics and regular consumption of certain medicines like anabolic steroids, anti-anxiety, antibiotics, ulcer medications and more.

There is no specific age for it to develop. However, gynecomastia can occur in infants, boys in puberty years or older men due to change in hormonal levels. Men who develop gynecomastia may see changes in one or both breasts. The impact on the breasts may not be even. To such a problem, male breast reduction surgery provides a safe and quick solution.

Some of the common symptoms are swollen breast tissues and breast tenderness. Though it involves fewer complications men can experience pain in their breast tissues. This is the time when they must consult a doctor for further investigation. Other than that, it can be a cause of psychological and emotional problems.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is one of the most effective solutions to gynecomastia. It is a surgical procedure that aims to remove enlarged breast tissue, eliminate fats deposits and restore firmer, toned and masculine chest contours. It must be noted that it is not a weight loss procedure.

You will be surprised to know that it is quite a common aesthetic procedure that men undertake. This surgery involves liposuction to remove the fat deposited in the chest area. It is a less invasive technique that requires to make small incisions on each side of the breast. Through these incisions, the surgeon eliminates the fat and/or excess glandular tissue. Finally, he creates a new chest contour that looks quite natural on the patients’ body.

The recovery process is not too long, and the scarring is not so major, but it is important to observe the recovery period properly and as per the surgeon’s instructions in order to make the results last longer. After this surgery, the patient can return to work in about one week.

However, they are advised against performing any strenuous physical activity that may reverse the effect and hinder the healing process. It must be noted that the surgeon will use local anesthesia to sedate the patient, so, it is important to inform the surgeon if you suffer from any kind of allergies.

Who Should Opt for Male Breast Reduction?

Liposuction for male breast reduction has benefited many men. However, it is important to note that anyone who is in good health and not suffering from severe illnesses must only choose to undergo this procedure.

Men who have lost massive weight can also opt for this surgery to attain that sculpted chest that may not be possible with regular exercise and diet control due to excessive sagging skin. However, men who are planning to lose more weight are not recommended to undergo this procedure. Experts suggest that they must first attempt to lose weight naturally. Only if those methods fail to show any results, men should choose this.

Recovery and Risks in Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Expect to feel some soreness and discomfort at least for a few days after the surgery. This is normal and totally controllable with medication prescribed by the surgeon. There is a possibility that you may be asked to wear a pressure garment for up to two weeks. This is to reduce swelling and facilitates healing in the tissues. You can expect to be completely back to your normal routine within a month.

As for the risks, it is concluded to be a safe procedure. Complications after surgery are rare but they may range from infection to excessive bleeding. Some patients have also reported having lost sensation in the treated area. This side effect is almost temporary, and the sensation returns after a few months.

Anyone who excessively drink or smoke is recommended to not go through this procedure as they are at increased risk of complications. If you must choose to, it is recommended to quit these habits completely. Additionally, the patients are asked to maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle that must not lead to weight gain as it can result in recurrence of gynecomastia.

The Takeaway

Men usually love the results of male breast reduction surgery. However, surgery must be followed-up with necessary to steps to care. Surgeon’s guidelines must be diligently followed and practiced.

If you choose to undergo this cosmetic procedure to enhance your personality, it is recommended to consult a surgeon who has years of experience and expertise. He must be a skilled professional in the field and must be able to help you decide what’s best for you. Besides his skills, he must also be a board-certified surgeon with a good reputation.

Before taking the final decision, it is important to have several meetings with your surgeon and discuss the procedure that is best for you, your health condition, your target and the risks it involves. Any good surgeon will be able to answer all your questions satisfactorily. It is recommended to check the past record of the surgeon and speak to a few of his patients. The cost of the surgery may vary from place to place. However, it is not easy on pockets.