When we talk about the Maldives, the beautiful clear ocean and fantastic beach resorts come to our mind. This luxurious vacation island is famous for being exclusive for the rich because of the high cost involved in traveling here. The flights are over $1,000 and the resorts may charge a higher sum for a single night’s stay.

Maldives is a small country which relies heavily on its tourism to generate a higher GDP. This is the major reason behind the high price. Moreover, it has managed to establish itself as a luxurious getaway thus, attracting millions of dollars. Contrary to the popular belief, Maldives is now no longer a holiday destination reserved for the elite and has become quite affordable.

If you’re traveling from North America, you will forget about the resorts in Miami, the fun places to visit in California, or even the best Atlanta attractions. Let us share with you some fantastic tips to curb the expenses during your trip to the Maldives.

Saving on the Flight

The price of the ticket to the Maldives varies greatly according to the location from where you are getting the ticket. A nice catch is to go to a European border from the United States and then catch a flight to the Maldives because the direct journey is going to cost you an arm and leg. You can hire a budget carrier from there and make your way towards your final destination.

A better steal might be to plan this particular flight from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, or any Southeast Asian destination. If you choose Sri Lanka or India, you might even make the best bargain of your life!

Yes, this will make your journey longer and you would need more time than just a weekend to spend on this trip. A better idea would be to plan a long break from work and incorporate the long traveling time into your entire trip. If you are a savvy traveler, the more you explore different countries, the more you are going to make out of this trip.

Affording the Breathtaking Maldives Hotels or Resorts

Those beautiful overwater bungalows come with a fantastic view but on a very hefty price. If you are not willing to drop around $800 or more just for the scenic beauty, you will be able to find plenty of options in this place. You will be surprised to see that there are multiple budget-friendly options which might not be equally beautiful but are still a good catch.

Most of the islands on the Maldives are private and owned by the resorts which ask for a very high price for a single night’s stay. Nonetheless, there are a few local islands offering guesthouses and hotels at a very affordable rent. You will be able to find a decent place to live by only paying something between $50 to $120 for a single night. This is some saving when compared to the whopping $1000 per night!

You will be surprised to find even such cost-effective guesthouses which offer activities like scuba diving and snorkeling for the enthusiasts. Free breakfast, fruits and tea are also included so your bank account will still be happy after choosing the Maldives as a holiday destination.

Finding Cheap Eateries Instead of Fancy Restaurants

As long as you’re not booking an all-inclusive stay in the country, there is no need to exhaust all your savings only because you want to eat out. If you have already chosen to stay in a guesthouse, you’ll see that they offer some really nice dinner options all within $15.

The traditional food of the country will also be a convenient option and it includes a lot of coconut, curry, fish and rice. However, you are not going to find any alcohol in other places than the resorts because the country is basically a Muslim population.

Another way is to bring snacks and bars from home, which might not be a convenient option for many. Who would like to eat the same food even they are exploring a new country? But, there is no denying that this tactic will help you in saving a humongous sum of money. Even within a very tight budget, you will be able to enjoy the soothing beaches of Maldives.

Making Commuting Easier

If you choose to stay on a private island, your transport options will automatically become limited. You will only be bound to the commute which is provided by your hotel and they are definitely going to be very pricey. Staying on a local island can prove to be a blessing as the ferry system can easily take you to places without costing a huge sum of money.

But one needs to remember that you need to wait for a while to use these ferries as there are already long queues of people waiting to board the boat. Also, a ferry can take about 5 hours to reach a place which can easily be reached within 45 minutes on a speedboat. The traveling and the waiting time will make you give a second thought to this option but if it lets you save some money, then why not?


The Maldives is truly a heaven, especially for honeymooners. The place is going to allow you to seek out the best experiences of traveling and the fresh blue water is truly going to be a refreshing sight. All this comes at a high cost but with the right planning and a keen eye on cost-effective options, you can actually make the entire trip affordable.

Try to plan your trip during the low season because this automatically brings down the cost of everything. From May to November, the area doesn’t receive a lot of tourists but there are occasional rain showers.

Also, a great idea would be to splurge a one-day tour to the private resort. This way, you’ll enjoy all the amenities and still not be broke after this fantastic trip.