So the date is fixed, you have bought the dress and now you are all set to look the best on your wedding day. It is every girl’s dream to look the best on her wedding but you need to take care of a few things to not mess up your big day with a bad makeup. Bridal makeup takes a lot of creativity and professional expertise.

There are several options of bridal makeup looks. So you might be confused what to choose among them especially while thinking how to do eye makeup. Here is a little bridal makeup guide about some important tips. These are really simple bridal makeup tips which you can take care of while getting ready for your big day.

Makeup tips for bride

Go for a bright lip shade

Choosing a suitable lip shade is really important as your lips and eyes will be the highlighted features of your face. So if you choose a nude, pale or neutral lip shade then you will look dull in your wedding photographs which you obviously don’t want. You should choose a brighter lip shade to match with your bridal makeup.

Don’t forget to apply a primer

Primer is something which is the essence of your makeup and one of the base makeup products which are necessary for a flawless look. When you begin with your makeup first of all wash your face and moisturize it. Then apply a primer over the moisturizer.  Doing it before the foundation will help you to hide your flaws or skin imperfections. It also help to hold your makeup for a long time and gives a fresh appearance throughout.

Choose low maintenance makeup products

On your wedding, you don’t want to keep checking that whether your mascara, eyeshadow or liner are still at their place or not. More than holding a mirror after every half an hour you would want to enjoy the most special moments of your life. Bridal eye makeup should look good consistently. So buy waterproof makeup products so that even if you feel emotional and cry a bit on your wedding your makeup doesn’t go away but continues to shine. Using a creamy eyeshadow will also be a good option.

Extend your makeup to the shoulders and neck

Your skin tone should look the same. If you apply makeup only on your face and your neck and shoulders reflect a different skin tone then it would give a bad appearance. So while getting your makeup done take care of applying some makeup to your neck and shoulders. Your skin tone should match to give a natural and smooth look.

Choose some already done makeup styles to use as reference

Choosing a makeup style for reference by using its image or video may help you get your desired look. This way you will know beforehand how to proceed and what exact look do you want.

Take a trial round

You don’t want to spoil your wedding makeup look, right? So if you are going for something trendy which you have never tried before than you should probably take a trial round before. This will ensure whether that particular style suits you or not. Also if there needs to be any correction then you can fix it. This will help you to know what exactly you need to do on your wedding day and will save you from any faux pas.

Choose your makeup artist with utmost care

This is the most significant step. Choosing a good artist makes 90% of your task of getting ready for you wedding. So you can do all the research you want and don’t even hesitate to check out several makeup artist. You have to give this big responsibility to some professional and dedicated artist. So don’t adjust with anyone instead find the best one according to your choice.

Start taking care of your skin and hair 2 months before

To have a glowing skin and shiny hair you also need to give proper nourishment to your them with face masks and hair spa/masks. Do this to bring out the natural glow and shine. It will make you look more beautiful on your wedding day. Also it should be your daily routine to look after your skin. Once you will start getting the results you will love it.

Don’t use a foundation which contains SPF!

Although caring for your skin and protecting it from UV rays is must but technically on your wedding day you aren’t going to be under the sun for a long time. Also the main reason behind avoiding a foundation with SPF is the flash effect that it will create in all your photographs which will look unappealing. The best thing would be to choose a matte foundation. All the aforementioned tips will ensure that your bridal makeup doesn’t go wrong even with the minutest detail. We wish for you a flawless makeup and a magnificent bridal entry.
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