In 2018 some BIG names in cosmetics announced their cosmetics for men lines. But, makeup for men is not exactly new. We all know that men are powdered up when they are on movie screens, or on television. They say it is because the lights in the studio would reflect off of the heads and noses of a shinny man. We accept that. We never questioned it. In the back of our minds, we were sure for the John Waynes of the world to allow a cosmetic brush anywhere near his manly face, there had a danger. So we ignored it and said a silent thank you that our sons were not struck blind by a blazing headshot.

While the big names in the makeup industry are just now jumping on the men’s makeup train, it has been roaring down the track for a while now. In fact, men’s makeup is a multi-billion dollar industry that is global at this point.

It’s not just body wash

If you want to understand how men’s makeup affects real men, you should read about how it began for one man, who is now an industry leader. Click here now for that story. There are plenty of teenagers out there expressing themselves with beautiful colors of hair, makeup, and clothes. All you have to do is open YouTube to see how that has taken off. One of these artists has even been featured on Covergirl Magazine, and he has over 800,000 followers on YouTube. While that is fun for teens, men who work in the area of business, communication, the law, or the medical field would not exactly fit in if they showed up in bright blue eyeshadow.

It is fair to say that even these brave young men had little choice of where to get their makeup. In women’s cosmetics, there are hundreds of choices. In the men’s section, there was body wash, hair gel, and some cologne with manly names like, “New Leather”. If a man wanted to cover a skin problem or look especially alluring for a photo, he had to choose women’s products.

Why that matters

Perhaps you have not given it much thought, but a man’s skin is not the same as a woman’s skin. As a matter of fact, the International Derma Institute reports that men’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. Men have facial hair. They are less likely to wear sunscreen on a regular basis, and they often get dark circles under their eyes.

A 19-year-old woman needs different cosmetics to look her best than a 45-year -old woman. Their skin issues are not the same. The same is true for men. He can wear certain makeup that is made for a woman, but if it is not formulated for his skin type, it will not wear as well. It could crack, flake, or settle into fine lines.


The men’s cosmetic lines are growing. More products will be added to the lines to enhance a man’s face. Foundation, concealer, and powder are still evolving. By Spring, more cosmetic tools will be added to the men’s line.

More training

You will see more men’s makeup professionals. They will be working in the cosmetics counter in nicer stores. You will see more instruction pages coming with makeup and YouTube will rock with the manly man’s tutorials.

Springs magic

Shaping with pencils

Men are choosing more and more makeup pencils. The first trend for spring will be a neat and expertly shaped eyebrow. The pencil will be selected to match the facial hair so it will work in troubled areas. Is your hairline slipping back. Use your eyebrow pencil to draw some color into the receding hair.

Beard Pencil

Beards often have a mind of their own. Pencils will be marketed that have every shade of facial hair their is. If the beard is not growing exactly how it should fill in open spots and use the pencil to clean up the hairline on your face.

Dumping the baggage

Men will learn how to reduce the size of the bags under their eyes. Concealer will help a lot. Once the bags are reduced to a workable issue, use the concealer that your consultant is working on.

Contouring and highlighting

Spring means outdoors. Men want to look natural in all lightings. Learn how to use bronzer to create shadows that will show off your eyes, or create a strong jawline or chin. Highlighting is a translucent powder. This powder puts a subtle glow lightly at the tip of the cheekbone. It is also applied to the center of the forehead above the eyebrow. The glow makes you look rested, younger, and very handsome.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. This Spring we will be enjoying men who know who they are and what they want to convey to people. It is going to be a year that will never be forgotten in the cosmetic industry.