As you go through life, you will probably have accumulated clothes more than you could ever hope to wear. Styles and trends also change every season every year, which probably meant that your closet is full of stuff you haven’t worn since who-knows-when. So what can you do with the old clothes that no longer fit you or your lifestyle?

It is never too late to start looking through your closet and see what is worth keeping and what’s not. It can be hard, however, to decide which pieces to let go especially if you have formed a bond with them (totally understandable!). Well, here are a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your closet.

Lose Some, Gain Some

The first step to any fashion cleansing would be to go through your closet and find articles of clothing that you: have multiples of, have never worn or have worn only once, have loved but now hate, or have damaged and is now beyond repair. Obviously, the last batch of clothes are beyond saving, but what you can do for the rest?

If you want to lose the clutter while gaining some money in the process, then you can build your own virtual store where you can sell your clothes online. Most websites offer you tools that help you get started. Customize your store into what’s best for you and your customers.

Garage Sale Away

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get rid of your gently used clothing. Start off by gathering all that you would want to sell (from clothing to books to various trinkets, anything you want, really). Next, pick a date (Fridays and Saturdays are typically good days to hold a sale).

One way to get as many customers as you can in your garage sale is to advertise. You can do so via newspapers, social media, or even signs. Make sure that you also have appropriately priced your items. When you have prepared enough, get ready to greet the crowd and do some major work. At the end of the day, however, it is satisfying to get rid of your things while getting cash in return.


A good way to clear your closet while helping others is to donate. Some organizations sell your donated clothes and use the money to help people dealing with problems like drug addiction or alcoholism. You can also check with your local shelter for the homeless and ask how they would like to receive donations (whether in boxes, in bags, etc).

Restyle and Repurpose

If you have a girlfriend or a daughter or sister (basically any female in your life), it is a good way to take your old clothes and repurpose them. You can make your old shirts into dresses to embroidered napkins, even pillowcases! Not only did you find your used clothing a new purpose, you made the women of your life happy.

Hand Out Hand-Me-Downs

Giving away your old clothing to family members is always a classic. Be sure to have them cleaned before handing them out. Also, make sure that the person you are giving away the articles of clothing to want the items. If not, clearly tell them what you would want them to do with it instead.

Now that you have everything sorted out, say goodbye to your old clothes. It always isn’t so sad because they have found their new homes and purposes. The clothes that you have chosen to give away surely have delighted someone.

Hopefully, this fashion cleansing also cleared up space in your closet. A more spacious closet makes way for a more organized one. It even may be a chance to shop for new pieces.