You don’t have to your replace your wardrobe every year to be on-trend, it can be expensive. Also, by trading in each of your 2017 outfits, for 2018 clothes, is not the only way to keep up with the latest trends. The best solution is for you to be creative with styles of the previous year and evolving them into the trendy, this year’s clothes.

Although you may have the urge to splurge on this year’s new and hottest styles, you should try a budget-friendly way by taking advantage of the clothes we already own. Don’t go out to the mall and use your paycheck on new outfits to be trendy. Here are the tips on how to try new outfits with last years’ trends.

Crop Top To Bralette

The crop tops had become very popular in 2017, and it was a MUST have attire for most of the ladies. With this year unfolding, it is evident that bralettes and bras are making a comeback. You don’t have purchase a bralette since you can opt for the shortest crop tops in your closet to adapt to the current trend.

“Mixed Prints” To Florals

Last year was common with blouses with a mixed print, which was like an impulse buy that turned out to be salvage. The current trend in 2018, is blouses with bold and floral print. Since the two seem to resemble, you can wear you last year’s mixed-print blouses and still look stylish. You can also try something custom if you’re have a sports team. When you need custom team apparel, florals can be a great way to get that team motivation and style.

Bermuda Shorts To Baggy Denim Shorts

The Bermuda shorts are a baggy kind of shorts that was trendy in 2017, especially for those ladies who don’t prefer the short shorts. Even though those Hawaiian-print Bermuda shorts are excellent, the denim shorts are still sticking around in 2018. For summer, ladies love the denim shorts since they are baggy, but you can put on your baggy Bermuda shorts and look current while enjoying the pleasure of saving money.

The ‘60s Look To The Full Skirt

In 2017, most summer/spring runways were graced by both the shift shape and the color-blocking of the ‘60s which was a nostalgic turn. This year, vintage is classic, and if you happened to be feeling vintage last year, then it is time to put on that full tea-length skirt of yours. You will still be embracing the current fashion in a way and being economical too.

Bomber Jacket To Sporty-Chic Trend

In the past years, the summers/springs were dominated with the bomber jackets of different types including military and leather. If you were lucky to get the one that has Letterman vibe, then it is time to put it on for a night out in town. The Letterman vibe is a kind of a sporty-chic that will do you great, for it is the world cup year.

denim jacket

The ’90s To The Mesh

Although the 90’s were common with mesh attires and those ladies who love sheers and crop-tops were happy when this trend cropped in. Most ladies are putting on everything mesh today, which serves as a flashback during the 90’s. Therefore, if you previously owned the mesh pieces, then you are lucky enough to fit in this year’s trend.

Lucite To Iridescent

Lucite fashion was noted last year in the previous spring season, and most ladies owned this piece. Lucite and iridescent are entirely different kinds of clothes, but If you are a fashionista, you should not despair. The fabric of this two clothes is shiny. Hence, you can go to the disco in style with a Lucite to replace the current trend of iridescent.

White To White

Almost everyone loves the white color because it is associated with peace and purity. Trends that come in white may be hard for people to ignore or say goodbye since they are loved too much by the world. The most common kind of trend in this category that was popular last year is known as “White Out” trend, and today it’s even more popular, and you can wear it and look classy for 2018.

The Takeaway

Fashion trends do change every year or every season, but if you are a fashion lover, you will always find a way to stay trendy. You may not have the kind of money to keep buying the new and fashionable outfits each time, but you can be creative enough to fix the pieces that you currently own and maximize them to fit the current trend.