We can definitely say that not all kinds of watches are created in the same way and are equal. Some of these watches are very aesthetically crafted and are available at high-end shops and watch boutiques. These luxury timepieces tell the time while also delivering on the fashion quotient. With Macy’s coupons and deals, you can buy some of the most sophisticated watches that exude royalty and luxury. Here, we have compiled some of the best watch brands that you must know about.


One of the most highly rated luxury brands from Italy, Gucci has a vast market share when it comes to watches and sneakers. Their watches have a very edgy design along with solid build quality as well. The designs are such which appeal the outgoing modern men who do not want to sport a conservatively designed timepiece. The watches that they have are very popular and are complemented and contrasting colors and sleek looks which make the Gucci watches perfect for any kind of occasion. They manufacture their watches in Switzerland which acts as the axis of the watchmaking industry and is considered as a badge of perfection and finesse.


This luxury watch brand was founded in 1832 and has been owned by the Swatch Group for a long time now. They produce some of the finest technical and mechanical masterpieces. Some of their most famous models are the Heritage, La Grande classic, and Hydroconquest. Longines has also acted as the timekeeper for a lot of sporting events while providing navigational equipment to men who fly. They design beautiful timepieces and chronometers that are designed classically and are good for value. They have some designs that offer steel finishes and a few with leather and quartz finish. The straps are very easy to wear and adjust with ease in changing the whole strap as well. All of this makes up for the reasons to buy a Longines for yourself.

Tissot Gentleman

Tissot is another one of the quality range of timepieces built by the same company that produces the Longines. They have been making some of the most amazing and stylish high-end watches for more than 100 years now. Tissot has a lot of history behind them and Tissot Gentleman carries that legacy very well. They come with very exceptional designs and a reputation for producing high-quality watches. Tissot watches are considered as an affordable luxury as they do not cost as much as their competitors. You can choose from stainless steel straps to leather straps as per your choice and that too within a budget as they have a lot of wonderful designs available for lower prices that can easily accommodate everyone.

TAG Heuer

One of the many Swiss watchmakers, TAG Heuer is famous for their watches that combine athleticism with fashion. They are popular among the people for making stylish watches that have a sporty look while still having the luxury feel. Apart from luxury watches, they also make eyewear, mobile phones, and accessories. The name TAG Heuer is an abbreviated form of the name ‘Techniques d’Avant Garde’ and the Heuer refers to the founder, Edouard Heuer. Their watches are majorly famous with leading sports stars and celebs from the entertainment industry. The company also holds the distinction of being the first luxury watch to go into space. The TAG Heuer watches were the first ones to develop the time of the trip function and were widely used by the Luftwaffe pilots. These luxury watches are very much in style and are popular with racing drivers and the rest of the racing community.


If we say, Rolex literally translates to luxury then we would not be saying anything wrong. These handcrafted luxury watches are sought after by the whole world. The watches are masculine and fashionable and can last for years and still remain a classic even after many years. These luxury watches from Rolex come in an assortment of dial colors along with steel and ceramic finishes. Rolex produces 2000 watches per day and all of these watches are handcrafted. These watches are worn by some of the top sports stars and athletes. Rolex has also been a timekeeper for a lot of sporting events which enhances its credibility. These watches fall in the high-end category with Tudor Genuine being their sub brand with almost the same feel at a lower price range. However, we can say that there is no direct competitor to Rolex in the market and they still stand strong as the best and the most luxurious watch brand.

There are a lot of luxury watches and various luxury brands available at Macy’s and these brands have a lot of history and heritage involved. You do not have to go out and buy yourself these watches, as you can simply hunt for these watches online and get one for yourself.