Your exhaust system does a lot of important things. It is responsible for getting the exhaust gases out of your engine. That means it affects your power, mitigates emissions, helps protect other parts of your car and creates that amazing rumble your engine makes. OEM exhaust systems are often pretty restrained in terms of sound. Some drivers want to find the loudest option available, so they buy aftermarket.

The loudest possible exhaust setup is to not have an exhaust manifold at all. However, this isn’t practical for many reasons. It won’t pass your inspection, it pollutes unnecessarily, it can be unpleasantly loud and, perhaps most importantly, it just doesn’t sound that great. A little refinement can do a long way.

The loudest performance mufflers can provide all the volume you want without creating a poor-sounding blaring. Below are some guidelines on how to get the best sound and performance from your vehicle’s exhaust.

Making It Loud

Most performance exhaust systems sold as kits are cat-back exhausts. These modify the tubing from the catalytic converter back to the exhaust tips. They can increase performance significantly and also create a great tone. Many of these can also be very aggressive sounding.

However, if you want to make things even louder, consider custom builder exhaust kits. These are selections of parts that you can use to make your own exhaust system. This gives you incredible control over how your exhaust note sound. You can select the straightest possible pipes and loudest glass pack mufflers to create a loud sound.

Typically, two pipes are louder than one. A single exhaust pipe requires a collector to bring the exhaust from your engine’s two headers together. This can reduce the noise. So, opting for two pipes with the loudest performance mufflers is the best way to get volume. Actually, it depends on your own preference as well. But the more you know about exhaust systems, better it is for you as you will be able to make more informed decision about it.

Thinking Beyond Volume

Exhaust notes aren’t just about volume, however. The best sounding exhaust may be loud, but they are also clear. Engines make some very interesting pops and crackles as they rev and go through gears. Having a system that can highlight and accentuate these smaller details can be a richer experience than the outright loudest system.

For example, an x pipe resonator can help to create a loud but clear exhaust sound. Collectors, Y- and U-pipes and mufflers all play significant roles in fine tuning the sound of an engine. The advantage of opting for custom builder exhaust kits is that you can customize to your heart’s content. There are so many options for creating the perfect tone and quality of your exhaust.

Start Upgrading Today

There is a lot to be said for working on your own car. When you ride around in a vehicle you have modified, there is an especially rewarding feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. It is a source of great pride for a lot of car ownership all around the world. Always look out for the best upgrading options for your favorite car and make it look and sound like a brand new and all-functioning car that everybody will like. More than anything else, the upgrades should make you feel comfortable riding your car.

Bolt-on exhaust systems are among the easiest metrification to perform, even for beginners. This makes adding an aftermarket exhaust a great starting point for any project. Get started wrenching today and enjoy every moment on your car.