Living a busy and workaholic life can get stressful. Women often find themselves skipping breakfast to do their makeup and to look approachable for their job. However, what if we told you that you can achieve long-lasting makeup, enjoy your morning coffee, and still come back home looking like you’ve just applied it? It is possible, with the right tools and tips & tricks! How? The solution is written down below.

How To Achieve Long Lasting Makeup?

Well, you can look and feel your best, but you also got to know how to control your bad habits. For instance, try not to touch your face throughout the day since rubbing or scratching won’t save you from losing your foundation.

Try not to sweat a lot, and go for a lot of mattifying products if your skin is quite oily. Got it? Good. Now besides that, here are the top 6 rules which will help you keep your makeup intact!

1. Prepped Skin

Moisturize-always! Don’t forget your daily cleansers and creams. After that follow along with a primer which is ideal for your skin type. If you have oily skin use a mattifying primer. If you have dry skin use a luminous one. If your skin is normal you can go for a silky hydrating primer. Once everything sinks into your pores, grab a foundation which contains an SPF. This will protect your skin from the Sun while also acting as a good base for makeup.

2. Build It Up

Coverage should be built, gradually. You should never cake it up on the first try, and rather go slow and steady. Apply your foundation with a flat brush evenly all over your face. Use 2-3 squirts and blend it in using a semi-damp sponge. Follow it up with your favorite high coverage concealer.

Important: Once you are satisfied with your coverage level you’ll need to set it with some powder. You can use translucent and loose powders, doesn’t really matter, but the way you apply them is crucial. Make sure your face is evenly blended out, and look up into the ceiling with your eyes when you set it underneath. This way you will avoid any possible under eye creases. For the rest of your face, follow up by making as many tapping motions as possible. Remember: tap, don’t rub or swipe.

applying moisturizing creme

3. Eye Primer

Your shadow won’t stay on for 6+ hours if you don’t have the right base. Therefore, it is essential for you to prime your eyelids with either an eye primer or a concealer. You can apply this base with your fingers by tapping it in by making slow and gentle motions. The proper base will allow you to work with a smooth surface, will tame down the oils, and will prevent your shadow from creasing. Once you are satisfied with your eyelids you can move along and use your favorite shadow palette. You can go with both mattes and shimmers since both of these will stick just as good, it’s all about your preference.

4. Eyelashes

If you are someone who hates reapplying mascara or playing with falsies on an everyday basis you should try out lash extensions. These are the best solution if you are someone who needs longevity. For starters, lash extensions won’t fall off or move throughout the day, unlike your real or strip lashes. You will never have to be worried about them smudging since they are waterproof, cry-proof and sweat resistant. You should get them done at a professional salon and enjoy in the following 3-4 weeks. These can be customized per your eye shape and are not expensive at all. With these on you will save a lot of time every morning when getting ready. No reason to reach for your favorite lash curlers or expensive mascaras. Just some nude shadow and you’ll be good to go.

5. Eyebrows

Brows are quite demanding, and the best way to tame them is with a waterproof brow pencil. Fill in your sparse areas by making upward motions and make sure your pressure is light. Once you get the ideal shape make sure you set your hair in place. Women usually go for clear brow gels, but tinted ones will get the trick done as well. The brow gel will make them prepped for any activity, and won’t let them move around even when exposed to wind. However, you shouldn’t rub them or scratch since the color can transfer, so be aware of that.

6. Setting Spray

Lastly, always set it and forget it! Using a setting spray to lock it all in is a good idea. Women with oily skin can purchase any mattifying option, while those with dry skin should stick with fine hydrating mists. You can also carry this little makeup item with you wherever you go and reach for it during the day. Women usually stick with mini sample sizes since these can fit in the purse. Simply reach out for the spray throughout the day and apply 2-3 spritz. This will freshen up your makeup, give you some hydration, and will feel soothing on the skin.