Stag Do weekend in London is one of the best. The activities and incredible sites definitely will make your time there worthwhile. London itself has one of the best architectural designs and just cruising on the streets and casually checking this work art will blow your mind.

One of the reasons I preferred London, is the chances it offers. For instance, I was not afraid to have some fun and tease the groom. One of my teasing “weapons of choice” was oversized sex toys gifts. Luckily, he responded positively.

To enjoy everything that London has to offer, you need a London Stag to do guide. It spells out everything that you will find interesting about this city. For instance:

Stag Night Packages

Nightlife in London is pretty amazing. It comes with numerous packages aimed at giving you a good time. For instance, wine courses, cocktails, and foods. These packages are offered at reduced prices to make your time here worthwhile. You can capitalize on these provisions to have a great time in London. Trust me, you will always find the value for your money.

Wine Tasting

No doubt a remarkable activity that spices up London stag weekend. Tasting various types of wines is interesting. With London being home to some amazing wines joints, you will be in for a great treat. Take advantage of this wide variety of wines to stay lively.

This is the time to tease the groom around. Have him try various wines as much as possible. It is a great experience full of fun and adventure. The aim of this is to have a great time deprived of boredom at any one moment. Sure, you will enjoy every bit of this event if you want to.


After the day’s activities, you will need a comfortable place to rest and sleep. London is one place that has excelled in this area. It is home to well-polished hotels and residential areas you can spend your night from. These hotels have facilities that will give you a humble time. You can make use of the free WIFI, comfy beds and sofas to relax.

Day Trips

Traveling around London is one of the best ways to spend your Stag weekend. You can use this chance to know much about London. One of the places you can visit is the Wembley Stadium. This is arguably the largest and best stadium in London.

You will not hesitate taking pictures there with your boys. It is significant in preserving these dear memories. Do not make a mistake of forgetting your camera while on your stag weekend. It will deny you a chance of preserving some awesome memories.

Cocktails mixing

Trying out a combination of various drinks will spice up your stag weekend. You can mix various drinks and try them out. This can be organized into a form of competition. The best cocktail can be shared among the participants to appreciate the prowess displayed. With no doubt, it is fun doing so.


No doubt, London is one of the best places to have hold your stag weekend. It comes with numerous exciting activities and sites. These provisions are aimed at giving you unlimited fun.