Ignoring a person’s dental health can lead to serious health problems. A cavity left untreated can lead to an emergency extraction and loss of the tooth. It can also lead to infection, pain and discomfort, an abscess, and an infection of the bone. An infection can cause illness in the whole body. Avoid all of this discomfort and tooth loss by going to a local dentist for a yearly exam. These exams can detect cavities when they are small and easily treatable, saving the tooth.

Getting Help For a Painful Dental Cavity

When we ignore our dental health, we may be faced with a tooth that becomes very painful at inconvenient times. Then we must have expensive emergency dental care. Open dentist offices are hard to find in the middle of the night or on weekends. When a dentist is found to perform an emergency tooth extraction, the cost will be high and may not be fully covered by insurance.

People in Dublin, Ohio have Perimeter Dental Group to turn to in dental emergencies. They have an emergency phone number to call and leave a message which will be returned within an hour. But, if the situation is life-threatening, they advise calling 911. This dental emergency might require the affected tooth to be extracted or a root canal performed on an infected tooth.

The Serious Consequences of Untreated Dental Cavities

But, a neglected tooth may lead to more serious consequences than an emergency tooth extraction. A dental cavity is a hole in a tooth that allows food and plaque into the tooth where it can feed bacteria and cause infection. These cavities or holes are caused by the acids found in plaque. They just keep growing if not treated. When a cavity reaches the tooth nerve, extreme pain can occur. Untreated cavities can become infected or abscessed. Infections can spread to the blood or bone causing serious health problems.

The problem with tooth cavities is that they don’t hurt until they are advanced. The only way to find and treat cavities in the early stages is to have a dental exam periodically where the teeth are cleaned and inspected.

Preventing Dental Emergencies and the Consequences of Untreated Cavities

The only way to keep the mouth and teeth healthy long-term is to have regular dental cleanings and checkups with X Rays. Yearly or bi-annual dental checkups and regular tooth brushing can keep teeth and gums generally healthy. Everyone gets a cavity once in a while. Regular dental care prevents these cavities from getting serious. When cavities are found during a checkup, they are treated with fillings, crowns, or root canals depending on how far advanced they are.

Cavities may be caused by the food we eat or the drinks we consume. Anything that causes the mouth to become more acidic can contribute to tooth decay. Sugary drinks, too much candy, or foods that cause a low pH can lead to cavities. That is why regular tooth brushing and rinsing out the mouth after eating are important hygiene habits. Regular dental check-ups can make up for those bad eating and drinking habits to some extent. Another habit that can cause tooth and gum problems is smoking. Dentists recommend that their patients quit smoking.

So, to prevent dental emergencies caused by neglecting cavities, eat and drink healthy foods, brush often, and get regular dental check-ups.