Watch straps are a crucial part of the wristwatch. Without the watch straps, users only own a miniature pocket watch or clock. A good combination of the watch and watch straps can make your wristwatch become totally different. Having a selection or a variety of watch straps enables you to change the appearance of your watch so that it can be suitable for numerous occasions, from solemn events to informal ones. The watch strap can be made of many materials such as fabric, leather, or stainless steel. Among those materials, leather watch straps are highly recommended thanks to its high quality.

In this article, we will show you the advantages of using leather watch bands and describe 4 of the best leather straps from Filippo Loreti that are really worth buying.

Why should you use leather watch straps?

People all know and love using leather stuff as it seems to be natural and comfortable. A leather strap is usually deemed to be a premium option as it is a high-quality material. Its appearance is timeless and fashionable. Also, leather never goes out of style. When you are going to attend a formal occasion, leather watch straps may be your wisest choice because they make other people feel your professionalism.

Why Italian leather should be your priority?

If you are a big fan of leather, you should know that Italian leather is highly regarded because of its high durability. Italian leather is widely used to make elegant and lavish watch straps. When using Italian leather, you can see that it has a long-lasting performance and does not easily succumb to everyday wear and tear. To manufacture Italian leather, craftsmen have to spend a great deal of time and effort to achieve their required standards, so this kind of leather is really well-made and valuable.

4 best leather watch straps from Filippo Loreti

1. Italian Leather Strap

This handmade leather watch strap is great for those who are keen on a classic style. The stitching looks very good and straight. They are available in sizes that you can choose: S, M and L in black, brown, green, red, blue and grey colors. When you flip over the watch you can see the logo and the name of the brand Filippo Loreti which is made meticulously on the straps.

2. Vintage Italian Leather Strap

This leather watch strap has a vintage appearance. The beige brown, light grey and black colors are available in the following sizes for you to choose: S, M and L. Vintage style leather straps are a very good choice for those who value traditional and classic watches.

filippo loreti watch straps

3. Italian Leather Strap With Alligator Pattern

The alligator pattern is very appropriate for men to watch straps because it makes the straps have a masculine appearance. This strap can match well with shirts in any color. There are three sizes available now on Filippo Loreti online shop: S, M and L in black, blue, brown, grey, and burgundy colors.

4. Suede Italian Leather Strap

This leather watch strap is made for people who like the combination of modern and classic styles. The color of these straps look nice and bizarre also makes the pin color stand out. There are two sizes that you can choose: M and L in chocolate, sand grey, black and light colors.


A new watch strap can completely transform what your watch looks like, what its purpose is for and what style it is. If you have an intention to purchase watch straps, Italian leather watch straps from Filippo Loreti are what you should take into consideration.