This year is going to see the return of jewelry. All the runways and fashion shows of S/S 2020 are crawling with stunning jewelry. After such long jewelry worth statement-making is going to be back. The collections of designers like Chanel and Loewe were jampacked with stunning and colorful jewelry which was different from the currently trending sober everyday jewelry wear.

After thoroughly following London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion weeks, we have created the complete jewelry guide for you. We anticipate that this will help you in getting all the trending jewelry pieces that fashionistas will buy this season.


Hoops are forever; they are ‘in’ almost every season. This season they’re back in trend with a few minor tweaks making them even more stunner than before. This season hoops are bulkier, broader, and larger in size which makes them eye-catching on your lovely face.


Pearl jewelry is a big ‘in’ this season. From earrings to bracelets even pearl necklaces and chokers are trending. You can wear pearls in whatever way you like comfortable. Nevertheless, you can easily get your own special pearl choker from personalized jewelry.


2020 is the year of charms. This year get your favorite good luck charms and show them off proudly. You can wear any charm that you like from your zodiac sign to Foundrae’s Belcher chains; you can wear whatever your heart desires. You can even get your own custom jewelry with your name and show it off proudly making a style statement.

Messy layered necklaces

This season messy layered necklaces are trending. You can quickly get this look by mixing up a bunch of accessories including chains and pendants in different sizes. Styling this look with a combination of thick and thin chains is the secret behind the perfect look. Moreover, if you don’t want to create this look on your own, you can always buy intermingled necklines from the market.

High Lobe Piercing

This season multiple piercing on the upper lobe of your ear is the new sensation. According to an expert, “the extra piercing on high lobe is a fun way of emphasizing an existing lobe piercing”. The added piercing on the lobe should be used to wear smaller, readable and flatter earrings.

Layered Ear Piercing

Almost everyone whether conservative fashionistas or the latest trend following ones, all have a heart for multiple ear piercing. Layering jewelry has always been in fashion, and this season too the layered ear piercing is dernier cri. Layering earrings make your old ear-piercing appeal fresh and pleasant. For the best outcomes, it is advised that you should thematically wear earrings. You should wear them like the biggest one in the high-lobe and the smaller ones above it in a descending mode. Earpieces like stars, moon, lightning bolts, etc. look good in layered ear piercings.


This season another must-have fashion accessory is a chain. Chains are the new craze this season which can be seen almost everywhere from runways to new arrivals. You can wear whichever sized chain you like. From delicate necklines to thick chokers and bracelets chains are the new hot ticket.

We hope that with these items in your wardrobe you’ll be able to steal the limelight.