Are you a wee bit concerned about redesigning your garden to keep the kids busy outdoors in the summer? Worry not! There are many ways to change your backyard into a kid-friendly garden that adults would love to lounge in too!

Continue reading to know about 15 tips for a gorgeous garden that kids and grown-ups can’t get enough of.

1. Blackboard and Chalks

Use a wall in your garden to hang a blackboard. Place a seat below it so that kids can reach up to the board and draw with chalks to show their creativity.

2. Slides

If you’re overhauling the backyard or front yard landscape, now is your chance to install a slide in the garden. Create a sandpit at the bottom of the slide to prevent any bruises when the kids slide down.

3. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are fun for kids as they skip from one to the next. These stones also add interest to your garden, especially if they are painted in different colors.

You can also get designed mosaics with numbers or patterns on them. These can turn into hopscotch tiles for kids to enjoy.

4. Winding Paths

Build some winding paths into your garden where the kids can ride their bikes, scooters, or show off their roller-blading skills. You can use either a wooden plank that is used on decks or regular paving to create these winding paths.

Besides biking, these paths are great for playing tag and other interesting games like treasure hunts. For more garden game ideas, check out

winding path in garden

5. Sunken Trampoline

Kids like nothing better than jumping for hours on a trampoline. As it can occupy quite some space in the garden, you can dig the trampoline in the earth, keeping the surface flat with the ground.

This is a clever way of utilizing limited space while making it a kid-friendly garden. Besides, there’s no danger of kids falling off.

6. Tents and Teepees

Set up dens or teepees in your garden as kids love to have their own space even when in the garden. These tents can double as a me-time space for adults, therefore, maximizing the utilization.

If you use teepees made from fabric, you can opt for a natural one by having the frame made from sturdy sticks or bamboo shoots. At the base, plant creeper seeds like bean plants. These will entwine around the tepee frame, making it a fun and eco-friendly space in the garden for kids.

7. Gardening

Turn your garden into a kid-friendly zone by encouraging them to plant seeds and watch the plant grow and bear fruits or flowers! For quick results, plant sunflowers, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.

Beware of poisonous plants like daffodils, lily of the valley, foxgloves, etc.

With a set of gardening tools for kids, your garden will be soothing to your eyes and fun for kids.

8. Natural Turf

Maintain the natural turf in your garden by cutting the grass regularly so that kids can go around barefoot or just lay down to stare at the skies.

Invest in some sturdy plants around the border that would stand up against trampling by kiddy feet.

Artificial turfs are not advised as these need maintenance. Besides, they cover the earth and that’s like suppressing nature.

9. Hammocks and Swings

Instead of going for a full swing set, turn your wooden seat into a swing by hanging it from a strong frame.

Or, hang a hammock between two tree trunks for both kids and adults to enjoy reading or daydreaming.

woman on hammock reading a book

10. Shady Spots

Spending long hours in the garden during summertime isn’t good for either adults or kids.

Hang a rope under a tree and attach a tire to it so that everyone can sit and swing under the shade. Or, put up a parasol or invest in a pergola with a table beneath it.

11. A Climbing Wall

Get professionals to install a climbing wall in the garden. Or, turn an unused wall into a climbing zone. Just screw in the holds tightly to make sure the wall is safe for kids.

The holds of various shapes, sizes, and colors make the garden kid-friendly.

12. Flowering plants

Plant varieties of flowers in different bright colors so that kids can use their senses to appreciate the garden.

Their sense of smell, sight, and touch would be heightened, and they would love to spend time in a garden that’s friendly for them.

13. Storage Spots

Assign a corner of your garden for storing stray gardening tools, kids’ toys, etc.

Arrange labeled buckets in a row under a shaded spot where everything can be stored when not in use.

Or, use garden furniture with built-in storage to put away toys, books, etc., and protect them from the elements.

14. Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Hang a bird feeder from a tree branch to attract birds to come and feed in your garden. Your kids would be delighted, while adults would also enjoy the scene.

You can leave a flat tray or plate filled with water in the garden for the birds to take a bath when it gets hot in summer.

15. Garden Lights

Turn long summer evenings into a fairyland by hanging colorful lampshades from the trees and posts in your garden.

Fairy lights entwined around branches and twigs give a welcoming tone to your garden as both kids and adults bask in the warmth.


Most of the ideas shared in this post are to make a kid-friendly garden that adults will also love that is budget-friendly as well. Plus they are educational and entertaining.

When most of the summers are spent outdoors, it pays to make the garden comfortable and fun for kids of all ages, as well as their parents.