There have been more clients requesting locksmith services – particularly to install keyless entry systems – in the recent years. You must have also experienced staying in a keyless room, yourself, perhaps when you rented a room during vacation. Landlords and apartment owners are seeing the value of installing digital keypads on the doors of the apartments they are renting out. Mark, an expert from West Coast Locksmith in Los Angeles CA shares the reasons why this is a sensible decision.

“Keyless Entry locks offer the same amount of security as deadbolt locks. For apartments where you expect higher foot traffic and different guests coming in and out on the regular, I would recommend keyless entry locks because of these transients who will need temporary access to the place. The ability to quickly hand them access and remove their access just as easily works to your advantage in many ways”, he explained.


For your and your guests’ peace of mind, you’ll want to have several duplicate keys. One for the landlord, another for the property manager (if there is one), and another for the guests. A mindful owner would lend the guest a spare just in case.

Among the advantages in installing electronic digital keypads is that both the guests and the landlord won’t have to worry about lost or damaged keys. It can be quite pricey if the landlord will need to pay for replacement keys every now and then.

Vacationing rental guests are likely to stay out late. If they lose their keys and get locked out beyond business hours, not only will this be an inconvenience because the landlord or property manager will have to go to the location to unlock the door for them; either party, depending on the arrangement, will also be charged extra for emergency locksmith services. Any service that is delivered beyond office hours is considered an emergency service.

While requesting locksmith services these days is easy because most are able to provide 24 hour locksmith services, it is an expense that can be avoided by installing digital keypads in lieu of traditional deadbolt locks.

Connectivity and Flexibility

Rental business can still operate even if the landlord or apartment owner is outside of the area, thanks to this security system. There is no need to physically hand over a key or a keycard. You can just let the guests know what the code is. This gives the guests the flexibility to check in and check out whenever they want. They won’t have to worry about booking redeye flights. Everything is made faster and more convenient. If you are renting your space out via platforms like AirBnB where guest satisfaction is paramount, you’ll want things to be as seamless and convenient for the guests as possible.

Safety and Security

Because you open your space to paying guests, you’ll want to rule out anything that compromises the safety of your space. Access should be given as soon as the room is ready; it should be removed as soon as the guests leave, as well. You can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any unauthorized access to your property because you have the ability to deactivate the code you have previously given to your guests.


If you’re planning to upgrade to keyless entry systems, it works best to consult a locksmith regarding the lock to use as well as its installation. There is a wide variety to choose from and a need for keen scrutiny before deciding on this purchase.

Most locksmiths will be able to recommend good brands and will be able to install this for you. While some people might say that installing this is easy, you can’t put your safety and security on the line. Poor installation of locking devices might result in loose or misplaced parts or might even result to the contraption getting jammed. Investing in a reliable keyless entry system, as well as quality locksmith services, is always a good move because this helps you save money in the long run and it gives you and your guests peace of mind.