Remote work has been on the rise in the recent period as many of the daily tasks can be completed online. Companies use various applications to keep communication flowing. Some of those apps include Skype, Zoom and Slack.

One interesting statistic states that remote working has grown by more than 170% since 2005. Additionally, around 50% of the workforce hold a job that can be completed from the comfort of their home. With that being said, we wanted to provide employers with some help in this field by listing 4 key tips for onboarding remote workers successfully.

Give Them a Warm Welcome

The first and most important thing to do is to give them a warm welcome. Nothing beats the first impression and if you want your remote workers to be dedicated and loyal to you, you must show them that you care about them and that they are an important part of your company.

Share insights into the company, give them a shout out on social media, introduce them to the team, etc. There are many businesses that operate strictly online and are 100% powered by remote working. A good example of an online business that has remote workers is the online sportsbook industry.

These sites are created by developers residing in one country and communicate with marketing employees from a whole different area. Yet, as you can see, they are extremely successful as they’ve attracted millions of players from around the world. DraftKings is one of the most reputable sportsbooks on the planet and by clicking here, you can gain access to the latest bonus codes that this operator has to offer.

The point here is, by successfully integrating new remote workers, your business will have greater chances of being resultant.

Provide them With the Proper Equipment

Of course, if you want remote workers to complete day-to-day tasks for you, you will need to provide them with the proper equipment. Now, since you cannot be there in person, the best way to do that is to either buy the equipment and ship it to their home address or by sending them money for that purpose.

The better the equipment is, the more efficient and effective the workers will be. That considers both the individuals and the teams in the company itself. By providing them with decent equipment, you’ll show them that you care about them and their performance, and that you are not just trying to hand out the basic, cheap stuff.

Match Buddy Programs

In order to make remote workers feel like they belong here and on the same team, make sure that they pick up things as fast as possible.

Many companies use the so-called match buddy program in which every new remote worker gets to work with someone that has been working for the company for a longer period.

Match buddies will answer all questions related to work, give them tips on how to get going and generally speaking, help them befriend people at the company.

Gather Feedback

Finally, you should always gather feedback from every new remote worker as a way to perfect the onboarding process for the future. Not only will you be able to perfect the welcoming program, but gathering feedback can also be beneficial for marketing purposes.

Speaking on the feedback topic, it is worth noting that you should always get feedback from people that have been at your company for a longer period. That way, you’ll get to know if they are pleased with the job, the payment and whether they want to continue working with you. The goal should be to create a loyal employee, not to hire new people every few months.