You knew the day would eventually come where your teenager was anxious to get behind the wheel of a car. Perhaps it came quicker than you imagined, but they’re now a licensed driver with a vehicle of their own. You taught them to be safe drivers and obey traffic laws, but the truth is, you’re still worried about their well-being. Though you can’t be with them at all times to safeguard them, there are a few things you can do to ensure your teen driver safe on the road.

Set Some Rules

Each state has its own set of traffic laws for teenagers in an effort to protect them and others on the road. For instance, teenagers are often required to get a learner’s permit prior to obtaining a license. Some states even have restrictions on licenses for drivers under a certain age, including a curfew and the number of passengers allowed to be in the vehicle at once.

As a parent, you need to set some ground rules to keep your teen driver safe. This might include implementing your own curfew and passenger limits. You may also have consequences if your teen gets caught not obeying the law. For example, should you catch them driving without a seat belt or with the music blaring, you could restrict them from driving for a few days to consider the potential harm of their actions.

Daily Inspections

You never know what could happen to a car overnight. Every day, before your teen gets in the ride to pull off it is recommended that you teach them how to do a quick inspection. They should be advised to check under the car for leaks, inspect the car lights, and check the parking brake. Your teen should also inspect the interior of the car like the floor mats to make sure they’re secure and not obstructing the pedals.

Keep the Car in Mint Condition

A vehicle that isn’t well maintained is at higher risk of being involved in an accident. Forgetting to invest in new tires could result in your teen skidding across the highway during a cold winter night. To reduce the chances of your child getting hurt, it is ideal that you keep up with routine maintenance and necessary repairs. This includes having fluids changed, filters replaced, hoses fixed, tires rotated, tune-ups, and other repairs as they arise. If the vehicle is in need of a repair that you’re unable to afford at the moment, parking the vehicle for your child’s well-being is recommended.

Have Protections in Place

Unfortunately, you can’t control everything that happens when your teen is behind the wheel. That’s why it is important to be prepared. In the event that your child is involved in an accident you want to make sure that they are protected. This means purchasing adequate car insurance for high-risk drivers and having an attorney from your county like an orange county car accident lawyer on call in the event that their services are needed.

For parents, buying your teen a car is just another reminder that it won’t be long before their babies are all grown up. Naturally, you want to protect them during this new stage in their lives. Outside of teaching them the rules of the road and purchasing a safe vehicle for them to drive, the above-mentioned tips will help you keep them as safe as possible as they learn to navigate the road.