Full gold is gold, and K gold is gold, too. The full gold is more “soft”, K gold is more “hard”, when you walk into a jewelry store, countless bling bling dazzling jewelry is in front of you.

In fact, there is no 24K gold in the world. The letter K is an abbreviation of a weight unit – Karat. Incorporating precious metals into gold can increase hardness and change color. This is what is commonly referred to as K gold, a combination of gold and other precious metals. The K number indicates the weight percentage. The gold content of 1K is about 4.166%, and the pure gold is 24K (100% gold content). According to the K number, there are common 14K gold, 18K gold, 22K gold and so on.

In theory, 100% of the gold can be called 24K gold, but like this old saying, “There is no gold in the red, no one is perfect”, neither the mining nor the refining process can completely achieve the real pure gold, so in reality, it is impossible to have 100% gold. According to the latest national standard that was implemented in 2016, there is no 24K gold, and the gold content is more than 99.00%, which is called full gold. There is no other title.

According to the percentage of “1K=4.166%”, the amount of gold contained in 18K gold is 75.0%. We can often see the label Au750 engraved on the monogram ring jewelry, which also refers to 18K gold.

K gold is not necessarily cheaper than full gold. K gold may be several times or even several times higher than the price of full gold. Many consumers who have bought jewelry have a question, why is K gold more expensive than full gold? This problem has always been confused when entering the market. As we all known, the gold is 24K gold which gold content is more than 99.9%, the popular 18K gold in China, the gold content is only 75%. From a literal point of view, K gold should be cheaper than the full gold?

It depends on the specific brands and styles for analysis. In addition to the material value, K gold is also given more artistic value, while the design cost is more and the process is more difficult. Two pieces of the same weight of jewelry, K gold may be several times or even dozens of times higher than the price of gold. For example, Cartier, BVLGARI and other world first-line jewelry brands, K gold products are far higher than the price of gold. Basically, all the K gold jewellery in the regular store are marked with grams, but they are all sold at a price.

18K gold, because it contains 25% precious metal, 18K gold can also be made into different colors, such as white, yellow, rose red, respectively: yellow 18K gold, white 18K gold, rose 18K gold. Compared with traditional gold ornaments, K-gold cheap promise rings jewellery is more fashionable, and it is more practical for our daily life. Many international big-name explosion jewellery is also made of K-gold with rich colors and strong expressiveness!

All kinds of jewelry need everyone’s care and maintenance, K gold is the same. Usually pay more attention to the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry. Avoid K gold jewelry to contact with acids and alkalis in your life, such as shampoo. Wearing K gold jewelry in life, we need to care about it to love it, let me tell you a few maintenance tips.

Note 1: In the bath, you should take off the K gold jewelry, because some toiletries such as lotion should be used in the bath, and some chemical components contained in it will affect the gloss of K gold.

Note 2: Each piece of K gold jewelry (especially rings and earrings) should be placed in a different small grid, avoiding friction and scratching.

How does K Gold have lost its luster?

Lose gloss due to stains and dust, prepare a container and water, a bottle of jewelry cleaner, put K gold and detergent into the water, soak for about 8 minutes, then remove the K gold jewelry and wipe it with a clean flannel to dry. If you don’t worry, you can use a toothbrush to gently brush in the diluted soapy water and then dry it.

With the development of the economy, most of the main players now buying luxury goods are young people. Nowadays, the requirements of young people for jewelry are no longer limited to “expensive”, “thin” and “squat”. They not only pursue the appreciation, but also pursue the extended value of the name jewelry itself, such as the meaning of the jewelry itself, more unique style. The characteristics of K-gold itself provide countless possibilities for this precious metal, and can provide different effects and surprises for customers with different needs. get name necklace