Finally, it is happy time. It is time to celebrate, to cherish, to nurture and above all to be content. All the hard work, the sacrifices and overtimes he had put his efforts in have paid off. He surely needs to be treated in a special way and what better way for a memorable treat than presenting some heartfelt gifts which exude warmth and personalization in all its glory.

You may either throw a surprise party in his honor inviting all the closed ones or plan an intimate date night for just the two of you. Keep all this on the list, you will definitely need to gift him something that is practical, handy, useful for his new job, classy and in sync with his likes. We have compiled a few options for your career climber, have a look!


You can get in touch with a baker who does cookies the best and ask them to bake you some of their best sellers and set them up in a nicely decorated cookie basket. What is better if you add s bottle of wine as a symbol of celebration.


Devices for storing data are never enough. Keeping in mind that he is starting his new job, he will need more and more devices for data storage. A flash drive can be a perfect addition to the list.


If he is finicky about his gadgets and their safety, he will love you even more for getting a laptop sleeve for him. It will not only keep the laptop safe, easy to carry but has several other pockets for storage of other mandatory accessories.


In the older days, a watch was considered a delicacy and was considered to be classic gift to commemorate the achievements or a special occasion. Keeping that in mind you can gift him an exquisite and an expensive watch like Rolex watches. Nothing can beat the grace of a man wearing an enticing and bewitching watch to work. It certainly makes him stand out of the crowd busy checking the time on their phones.


If at all anything he will need in abundance will be neck ties. So get going and shop for a collection of ties which may possess in various colors, textures, shapes and materials. He will not be happier to receive such a thoughtful gift.


Another accessory that he would love to receive is a tie clip. Being promoted to more upper level of management he will need to dress up quite formally and adding more and more unique accessories to his wardrobe will add value to his persona.


It can be pretty daunting to keep all the business cards arranged and in one place. Having a business card holder will make his life easier. It comes in pretty handy when you have to store the cards and even easier when you have to locate them.