Home to a plethora of superlatives, Jeddah is a Saudi Arabian city that is unique, antique, busy and big. The city is a tourist fantasy filled with rich culture, traditions and a glorious history. The striking landmarks, heritage red sea architecture and the humble yet delicious local food here are sure to bring you back to this city. Tempted already? Browse and make your Saudi airlines online booking for both domestic and international flights to Jeddah.

1. Al Balad

One of the ancient yet well preserved neighborhoods of Jeddah is the Al Balad area, that translates literally to “the town”. Displaying the Hejazi Architecture, Al Balad, the heart of the city is a must-visit for all you history buffs. There is also a popular fish market open daily in the early morning with fresh catch of over 50 different fish species.

2. The floating mosque of Jeddah

Built on the edge of the gorgeous Corniche of Jeddah is the floating mosque of Fatima Al Zahra. It is one of the most visited constructions in the city, especially during high tides. You can explore, look around, take pictures and congregate during prayer times.

3. Desert adventures

The desert adventures are great all through the year irrelevant of the weather conditions. Spend a day at the desert with your close ones and indulge in dune bashing, quad bike racing, camel riding or even overnight desert safaris inside a Bedouin-style camp. You could also choose from budget to luxury (VIP) safari tours.

4. Drive down to Taif

If road trips are your thing, hire a comfortable vehicle and set out on a two-and-a-half-hour drive to discover a hidden gem, filled with the best views of nature. You will pass by the holy place of Makkah while on your way and on arrival you will be amazed by the much cooler weather at this mountain peak. Get ready to be occasionally visited by wild baboons.

5. Water ventures for a fun break

The laid-back coastlines offer several water sports avenues and dive sites providing almost 30 meters depth for your underwater exploration. The boat trips and scuba diving opportunity are truly exciting and will easily make to the top two of your to do list.

6. Visit the Red Sea mall

Situated in the northern suburbs of the city, the Red Sea Mall is famous for local shopping as well as international goods, along with the fast food chain eateries it offers. You will also be amazed by the indoor water fountain (to be inaugurated) and a couple of historical sections adorned with paintings from the past and traditional decors that will walk you through the history effortlessly.

Plan your visit to Jeddah beforehand and book your flights online right away to save big. Happy holidays.