These days, it’s all about looking the look and walking the walk, dressing for the job you want and conforming to the smart/formal look. However, dressing smart in a formal suit or women’s business wear can quickly get boring, looking at the same three colours every morning in the mirror (traditionally, black, grey and navy). The days can soon become a monochromal blur of dreary clothing until the weekend shows up and start tossing colours all over the place.

Put some fun and jovialness into your day to day routine and spice up your appearance with luxury jewellery and accessories that reflect your personality, they don’t have to be overly garish or in your face, but something that makes you smile and is a gentle reminder throughout the day, that you are more than just a corporate drone. We’ve put together the following fun jewellery guide as inspiration for your accessory journey.


While not that commonly worn outside of black tie, strictly formal events, cufflinks can be as beautiful as they are practical and can be a great way to flash your personality while remaining subtle. Gorgeous set gems, shining precious metals and a variety of unusual materials can be used in cufflinks. Simple gold cufflinks are one of the most popular in the UK, however, titanium, silver and gunmetal all look striking against a deep black suit, whereas a flair for bright colour can satisfy the playful side of your personality. Don’t forget to check out the range of modern and quirky cufflinks, you’ll find dogs donning top-hats, vespa scooters, skeleton gears and even rocket ships, a trip to the stars anyone?


Similar to cufflinks in that they are worn on the wrist, bracelets are less practical but can offer more ‘pizazz!’ in regards to style and colour as they can easily and subtly tucked away under the sleeve and out of sight. Choose favourite colours, your favourite combination of precious stones and gems, or something of a more natural hue such as earthy twisted leather bracelets and tanned beaded bracelets. With the popularity of charm bracelets, you can even create a bracelet that is truly one-of-a-kind with a collection of charms that mean a lot to you, have been collected over the years as gifts or show off the best bits of your personality.


The style of earrings you wear, can say a lot about your personality, for instance, large, dangling earrings of hoops or ‘waterfall’ designs usually appeal to louder personality types. People who don’t shy away from the party and are typically the first to arrive and be the last to be kicked out. That’s not to say subtle earrings automatically make you a wallflower, you might be at an event that isn’t practical for larger, showcase designs. Instead, stick to colours that compliment your skin or show off a bit of your personality, warmer colours for fiery passion and cool colours for shyer, calmer types.

Shoe Jewellery

A relatively new type of jewellery to hit the market, shoe jewellery can cover a wide range of options, from subtle brooch style designs that slide onto the front of laces to free-hanging designs completely with elegant crystals and cute motifs that hang from the back of a stiletto or boot. Taken from the popular flower decoration often found on pumps and flats, now you can take your shoe accessories to a whole new level. As the ranges become more popular, more colours and designs will be added, so start your shoe jewellery collection today and find a piece for every occasion!

Tie Clips

Another practical piece of jewellery that is available in a wide range of styles to complement your tie, match your shirt, contrast your suit or can even be paired with your eye colour. A tie clip helps keep your tie firmly in place, preventing it flopping unceremoniously onto the table or even worse, onto your dinner plate during the height of celebration. Tie clips can be bought as a matching set with shirt stud sets, ensuring your whole ensemble comes together in a tidy way and can be bought in neutral, smart or bright colours, without being intrusive on those around you.

The jewellery you choose often reflects the type of person you are, even if you ‘aren’t fussed’ over a particular accessory piece, it’s more likely you’ll choose something subtle and non-intrusive rather than overly colourful and noticeable across a room.

Take some time when choosing your jewellery and find a piece that appeals to you. If you need to, set yourself a strict budget before starting your purchase, although keep in mind, a quality piece of luxury jewellery is an investment and will look great for years to come when looked after correctly and can even be passed down through the family.