Investing is the only place that allows you to have the chance to turn 10 000 dollars into millions if you know where to put it. For an outsider, this might seem like making a choice at the roulette table and picking a number.

Instead of chance, the field of investing uses time. Here’s how that works. If you put ten grand in the stock market with a return rate of 15 percent per year, and you leave it there for 43 years, then you’re going to have 4 million dollars in your account.

If that number decreased to 10 percent per year, then you would have 600 000 dollars. Such a small increase can have a profound effect on the final outcome. This is where the power of compounding comes to play. However, a lot of investors have lost their money in the market too.

This means that there is a lot of luck and risk involved. If every ten years or so, the stock market crashed and your investment lost 50 percent of its value, then the end result would not be as lucrative as it looks now. This means that there is a lot of research that goes into making the correct choices.

One of the niches that don’t need a lot of thinking is investing in precious metals. They have been around since forever ago, and they have intrinsic value that no one can debate. There are a lot of modern financial advisors that are hoping that Bitcoin is going to overtake the yellow metal, but the nature of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile at the moment.

Gold has thousands of years of stability and history behind it to prove its worth. Everything in life depends on luck except for betting on gold. Here’s how that works. Follow this page for more info

Luck, Risk, and Reward

Bill Gates is one of the richest people on earth. The chances of the world having another person like him are incredibly slim, and a lot of people would call his life as being incredibly lucky. Here’s why that’s so. First of all, when he was still in high school, that particular school was one of the few in the world that had a computer inside.

Even computer science students across the country didn’t have the opportunity to interact with a machine that was as powerful as the one that Bill could play with. When he was only 13 years old, he met with another fanatic for computers called Paul.

They became friends and used the machine in every way they saw fit because it was something that was introduced to the school as an outside curriculum. Here’s a bit of math that would put their situation in comprehensive terms.

In the 70s, there were around 300 million kids that went to high school in the entire world. Out of all of them, only 20 million were based in the United States. Less than 300 000 lived in Washington, and only 300 of them went to the same school as Bill Gates.

Now, this means that for every million high school kids, only one had access to a computer. This has nothing to do with the extraordinary intellect and the hardworking capabilities of the current billionaire, but it impacts the story. This is mostly about luck.

When it comes to risk, Kent Evans is a much better example. He was just as skilled as Gates when it came to computers, and they were friends at that time. Because the school had issues with creating the curriculum and the schedule, the three friends got together and created a program that fixed everything and made it click.

However, Kent died while hiking on a mountain, and the chances of that happening are one in a million. The point of the story is that no one in the world might have experienced the same things as you, which is true about your investment habits. Maybe the choices you pick are going to be incredibly successful in the future, but they also might drop down to zero. There’s always the one-in-a-million chance when it comes to the stock market.

What About Gold?

Gold is one of the fields that never rely on luck and risk. That’s what makes the American Bullion so stable and outstanding compared to all other types of investments. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, data, or quarterly analysis, it keeps rising to keep with the times.

Gold is a countermeasure to geopolitical events and the trust that people have in the government. It’s in human nature to find something that will be worth more in the future. Since this yellow metal has served as a safe haven when it comes to battling inflation, it has been ingrained in our culture as the only salvation. You know that gold is going to be worth more in the future because that has happened for millennia.

What’s Happening in the World?

At the moment, the rates of inflation are going to cross double digits. That’s happening all around the world. One of the more current examples is in Turkey. The Turkish lira lost 50 percent of its value compared to the dollar.

This is an event that forced millions of people out on the streets trying to buy bread from vans selling it for a lower price than the supermarkets. People that have lived through transitional inflationary periods know the feeling of having to stand in line just to get the bare necessities.

Extreme government spending has made it that the only way to preserve your wealth is to convert it into a stable form of currency such as gold. When everything in the world changes, gold remains the same.

It’s hard to quantify the risks and the luck when it comes to precious metals because they’re priced in fiat currencies, which don’t often tell the complete picture. To see why they are going to be even more popular, you only need to take a look at the charts explaining supply and demand.