It is very much possible that the drinking water left in the open for a whole day won’t be completely clean. Dust, debris and even the odd passing insects can drop into it, leaving an unhealthy surface scum. A closed container like a bottle or pitcher cannot completely save water from contamination, mainly because our skin is coated with sweat, dust, skin cells, and even nasal discharge, so once we put the bottle in our mouth, these can all “backwash” into the remaining water, causing contamination. Our saliva also carries bacteria, which does the same.

If the bacteria are allowed to incubate for hours, that could potentially contaminate the water, and make you ill by reintroducing that bacteria.

Much more dangerous than the problems with germs and viruses in water is of municipal water containing dissolved chemicals, especially the salts of heavy metals like Arsenic, Chromium-6, Lead, Mercury, etc. There are many minerals which are found naturally in the water and are important for the human body but consuming an excessive amount of it can cause many diseases, lifelong damage to our body and early death.

So is it possible to avoid contamination of drinking water which is a day old? The answer is yes, it can be avoided through RO Water system. Ro water systems are water purifier and water filter machine.

A water purifier removes the excess salts, suspended particles and microbes, and retains its essential vitamins and minerals. Nowadays there are many manufacturers in the water purification industry these days, which meets necessary standards.

Both water filter and water purifier work on the same mechanical principle. They first suck up raw water which is contaminated, filter out impurities ranging from sediments to micro-organisms and then dispense clean water.

The water from an RO water purifier is the best water to drink because RO water purifiers have at least 3 to 5 prefilters prior to the actual RO membrane which removes the dissolved chemicals in the water. One or more of these prefilters contains activated carbon.

The main purpose of activated carbon is to remove chlorine from water which can harm the RO membrane of the water purifier. Organic molecules like pesticides, herbicides and VOC’s are big molecules and cannot pass through the pores of an RO membrane, thus they are all filtered out by such a water purifier. Many use water purifiers just to be safe from germs and viruses which cause diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, etc.

There is one big difference between a water purifier and a water filter – a water purifier can remove viruses and bacteria that filters cannot remove. Some purifiers use chemicals and others use an electrostatic charge to kill or capture viruses. While a water filter machine removes only suspended particles and sediments in the water.

Therefore, if you want to keep the water, which you drink, protected from contamination then you must buy water purifier in order to keep yourself and your family members protected from water-borne diseases.