Redecorating your home is a great way to freshen it up for the summer months. You should strive to make your home your very own paradise. After all, this is where you come after work to relax and unwind. The place needs to be as peaceful and as comfortable as you can get it. When it comes to interior design, the secret is to go for classic and timeless decor. If you go for cheap and flimsy things, you not only run the risk of them getting damaged an infuriatingly short time after you’ve purchased them, you are also likely to tire of their lacklustre appearance quickly.

When decorating your home for summer, everything should be bold and vibrant. You should try to embrace lighter hues and tones that look great in the summer sunshine. Although new trends surface every season or so, this post has some excellent ideas that will hopefully inspire you to make improvements to your home in the coming months so you can update your home with ease and confidence.

Best interior designs in summer

Summer is a time to experiment with innovative designs and try out new ideas. Warmer, drier conditions mean paint will dry quicker and you’ll have every opportunity to paint and repaint as you see fit. Take advantage of the summer to test out. So, check out the below summer interior designs and, hopefully, you’ll end up incorporating some of the ideas into your home.

Tropical trends

It would be extremely difficult to separate summer from bold, bright colours. Therefore, the tropical interior designs trends revolve around the fresh vibes entirely. During summer, tropical is topical. Embrace summer with some pineapple print cushion covers, tropical palm wallpapers, and citrus themed curtains. You can also incorporate white backgrounds to stop prints from being overbearing. If you are not used to bold prints, start small. Inexpensive, decorative items like pillow covers are ideal. Soon, your summer interior designs will be full of palm fronds.

Muted palette

Who said muted has to be boring? With the right blend of relaxing greys, blues, and pinks, you can create a subtly interesting design. So it isn’t all one-note, you can offset the darker colours with pastels in slightly lighter tones. If you are afraid darker colours will make your rooms appear smaller, you just need to balance dark walls with light-coloured furniture. The contrast makes for a dramatic effect. Therefore, don’t limit your ambitions, go ahead, and try the muted palette; you might end up falling in love with it.

Natural fibres

You can’t go wrong with natural fibres this summer. Whether it’s a rug, basket or upholstery, natural fibres can bring a welcome, homespun look into your home. They are a great way to add unique textures to your home. Today, homeowners are looking for more sustainable ways to furnish their interiors and natural fibres can help you do just that.

Nautical themes

Whites, greys and blues are a permanent fixture in interiors everywhere. Combining the three to create a nautical theme can be the perfect way to welcome warmer temperatures and blue skies. All these colours are already strong, but when you introduce more nautical elements like wood, ropes, rivets and portholes, the theme really comes together.

Colourful floral accents

To liven up a dull and worn interior, why not consider adding some vibrant colours? A decorative pillow can add beauty and elegance to any bedroom. Don’t forget the kids’ bedrooms too! Sweet Dreams cabin beds at Children’s Bed Shop are not only a great way to save space, they also look fantastic.