The whole world is feeling the effect of the pandemic and nobody has been left out. The number of infected people continues to rise and the death toll is scaring enough to make everyone want to stay indoors. A strong sense of anxiety, fear and paranoia is the order of the day during this crisis.

As a result, several countries around the world have implemented lockdown as a way to curb the spread of the virus. Besides, even people themselves have taken the initiative to look for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones by avoiding crowded and social places, keeping physical distance and practising self-quarantine to avoid further spread of the virus. Some people have resulted in working remotely while others have taken the bold step to close their places of work until the situation gets better.

Therefore, most people have been left with no choice than just stay home all the time. If you are like most men, then probably you were used to engaging in outdoor activities to kill boredom but now you have to look for new indoor activities to keep you entertained. Before the onset of the pandemic, getting something to do during your free time way, not an issue. In fact, you were even spoilt of choices but now during these days of isolation and quarantine, you have to be more creative when it comes to finding something interesting and useful to do at home.

If you are in lockdown and wondering what to do to keep yourself busy other than browsing the internet and watching movies in the house, this article has what you are looking for. Fortunately, someone went the extra mile to gather more than enough indoor activities you can engage in during this pandemic without compromising your health or that of your family members. Here are some of those activities.

1. Play online casino games

Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to play online casino games but because of time, you have just been procrastinating about the whole issue. You may also have heard how interesting online casino games are but due to busy schedules, you haven’t had time to look at them. This could also be something you used to do sometimes back but along the way, you forgot about it because you had to deal with other demanding issues. Whichever category you fall under, playing online casino games during lockdown is never a bad idea. You will be busy most of the time, you will make new online friends and you might even end up making some money. If you want to try it, you can start with 22Bet registration, just give it a try and soon you will have found a new hobby to pursue even after the pandemic era.

2. Establish a workout routine

This is a perfect time to establish a good workout plan. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. There are so many exercises you do in the comfort of your home. Although you may miss the equipment and friends at the gym, working out independently is actually awesome during these times of coronavirus.

You don’t have to own a big house to enjoy exercising, even that tiny space in your living room is enough to do so much. Again, you can move the sofa and the coffee table to create more space. It’s your home and you have the freedom to arrange and disarrange the house the way you like. If not sure about the kind of exercises you can engage in, check the internet for inspirations. But anything from basic stretches to intense aerobics is good enough to keep your body healthy and fit. Exercises also help your body to release endorphins, a feel-good hormone that will keep you happy the whole day.

3. Play board games

You probably grew up playing board games but as life got busier and responsibilities increased, you forgot about it. Its time you get back to enjoying these games with family or the people you live with. The good thing with board games is that everyone can participate regardless of their age.

If you have children, then playing board games would be very beneficial to them and greatly reduce their screen time. While there are some television shows which can be educationally beneficial to kids, most experts encourage parents to limit their kids’ screen time. That’s because constant use of electronic devices for more than 5 hours a day could lead to issues such as obesity, anxiety and depression, insufficient sleep and low test scores. Limiting children’s screen time without an alternative can be quite difficult and that’s where playing board games come in. As the man of the house, create more time to play board games with both the adults and kids in the house. With time, everybody will be looking forward to enjoying these games.

4. Paint the walls

Now that you are home most of the time, you may have noticed that those walls are no longer as interesting as they were when they were freshly painted years ago. Then, do something about the current situation and make your home a haven to relax and enjoy during the lockdown. If this is something you haven’t done before, then check the internet for beginner tutorials and learn the basics of painting. Or, isn’t it amazing to learn a new skill even at your age?

If you feel like being more adventurous, you could even learn the basics of painting with watercolours and acrylics. Its time you created an impressive piece of art on the wall particularly at the dining area. That way, you will have beautified your home and learnt a fantastic skill.

5. Gardening

If you have some space in the backyard, then transform it into a garden, and you won’t regret the decision. Even if your garden skills are not something to be proud of, practice makes perfect. Owning a home garden can be very rewarding. From easy access to various fresh produce to controlling the products you are using to grow the plants, you have every reason to own and maintain a home garden. If you don’t have enough space, then consider planting a few plants in containers, the advantages will still be the same.

Stay safe and happy too

As human beings, we are bound to experience bad moments. Thus, you need to focus more on the positive aspects of any bad situation in your life to be an overcomer. Instead of wallowing on the changes the pandemic has brought in your life such as travel restrictions, curfew orders and even lockdowns, focus on the opportunity it has given you to practice your hobbies without hurry and spending time with your family members. So, stay safe and use this free time to better yourself more.