While people expected flying cars by the 21st year of 2000, we can at least upgrade our standards of gifting. High time you let go of the old school ways and adopt a modern, more elegant form of spreading joy.

Gone are the days when people exchanged gifts just for the sake of it. It’s a world where gifts mirror your intentions and express your thoughts.

Having said that, let’s hover through freshly brewed gifting suggestions that will make you stand out in the year 2021.

1. Handmade Portrait From Photo

Everything fades away but art lives on. It is an expression of affection and has the power to make everything right!

A handmade portrait stimulates the positivity of art and adds a personal touch to it by crystallizing a cherished memory. While your traditional gift ideas would be lying somewhere in the store, a handmade portrait will be hung on the wall with pride forever.

Since we are on it, there is a talk in town. PortraitFlip with a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 is hitting grounds with their exceptional handmade portraits. The efforts of their professional artist wrapped in a box loaded with warmth – this is what I call “gifting done right!

If you want a handmade painting, click here to go to PortraitFlip.

2. A Virtual Assistant

In a fast-paced world give your busy folk some comfort by getting him a virtual assistant.

It is an ideal gift for people who are caught up amidst scheduling a meeting and forgetting lunch dates.

A virtual assistant will take the workload off his shoulder by managing his inbox, bookkeeping, scheduling meeting and the list goes on.

He would still have to go to the meetings by himself but keep faith in Artificial Intelligence. Something will come through for that as well.

3. Name A Star

Remember those fairytale promises of getting your teenage crush stars from heaven? Or when you were said that people become start after they die? Well, the time has finally come. You can now name a star after your loved ones.

A honey-sweet way to eternize someone, right?

Considering the growth in population and the way this idea is trending, the time is not far when there will be an actual star-war.

It has become a surprisingly romantic way of expression. The only thing they don’t tell you when you register is that you will need a telescope and a galaxy map to locate it.

To amour romantique things up, bring a bottle of wine and some chocolates.

4. Storm Glass

Modern problems require modern solutions. Storm glass as the name suggests is the modern-day barometer that is invented by Captain of Darwin’s HMS Beagle.

It uses crystals that cluster and disperse with the change in atmospheric pressure. It is an absolute pleasure to look at the crystals forming a storm-like appearance to predict forecast.

Interestingly, it also works as a great piece of home décor.

This gift is perfect for somebody who is fond of quirky gadgets and loves to stand out in the crowd.

5. Get A Custom Royal Portrait

Ever wanted to humor things up for your loved ones? Gift them this masterpiece from PortraitFlip.

A Royal Oil Portrait will give a majestic and imperial look to your favorite person. It may sound like a ridiculous stunt but it is for your ridiculous after all.

The maestro and detailed artwork of PortraitFlip will make the person sit and admire it with awe. Bonus – it will inevitably leave a bright smile on his face.

A perfect gift for your humorous friend and a beautiful way to remind him of you.

If you want a Royal Portrait of your pet go to PortraitFlip’s website and get it delivered anywhere in the world!

After all, there is no nobler deed than making a person smile.

6. Cork Globe

Does this person put wanderlust as every caption on your Instagram? Does he love to show off all the places you have traveled? Does he want to conquer the world?

This is a gift for him.

Cork Globe is a tiny world made wrapped around a cork material. One can pin all the far-flung corners of the world they have been to and show of their reach.

It also comes with different colored pins for you to categorize into “been”, “will be going” and “bucket list.”

Just spin and pin.

7. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

The mantra is lick, shoot, suck. Salt and Tequila go together like Batman and Robin. To salt things up, Pakistan has come up with its hand-carved Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses.

Let’s drink to that!

If their poison is tequila, gift them this set. It’s extremely pretty to look at, tastes like finely blend tequila, and almost omits the “licking” part. Salt is anti-bacterial and can hold tequila for multiple rounds and parties.

8. Booze Bangle

Up for some secret boozing?

For all the wild women who love to take their poison wherever they go, do not look further.

Doesn’t really matter if the restaurant does not serve booze. We are the “bring Your Own Booze” gang and we know how to get the party started.

It is a perfect accessory for secret drinkers, and it looks classy with anything you wear.

It can hold up to 100ml of liquor which is pretty good for four decent shots of your favorite hooch.

Know a woman like that? Here’s a present for her!

It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.

Little presents may not stand out but sometimes it is the smallest things that take up most of the space in your hearts. Rest assured, it will always stay with your loved ones and will remind them of you with every breathing moment.

While the art of gifting has become more about the status quo, in the end, it all boils down to how much you care about that one person. There will be a thousand occasions to gift but there will be only one to shower kindness!

Don’t forget to be kinder and a wee bit compassionate each day.