Have you ever come across a bit of info that sounded too good to be true? We have a few seriously scandalous tidbits of information that will either make you smarter, richer, or happier. We’re talking about free sandwiches, discounted shoes for life, and seeing dinosaurs. We’re sharing our secrets to making life a little bit better.

Light Years Away

Light travels fast but not fast enough. Our universe is so big that when we are standing here on earth, looking at the stars, the light we see from each star is light emitted from millions of years ago. We are not seeing the present light from that star, we are seeing what that star looked like millions of years before. So if you were standing on a distant star, far, far away, looking back at the earth with a telescope, you would likely be able to see the dinosaurs still roaming the earth.

You Don’t Need A Down Payment to Buy a Home

Did you know there are plenty of resources that allow first-time homebuyers in America to get free money that they can put towards a down payment or closing costs on a home? Multiple states have first-time homebuyer assistance programs. But more recently, President Biden proposed a tax credit for first-time homebuyers worth 10% of the purchase price of their home up to $15,000. This credit is essentially free money for anyone in the market to buy a home. When was the last time you got to say you got a free fifteen thousand dollars? There is another down payment assistance bill that could provide $25,000 to first-time home buyers, but only those who are first-generation home buyers and economically disadvantaged. This proposal is not a tax credit, but cold hard cash available at closing.

Free Money for First Time Home Buyers

Here are some of the states that offer the best perks for first time homeownership:

New Jersey, The Garden State

Want to be neighbors with Tony Soprano? Look no further than New Jersey for your new abode. New Jersey has arguably the best first-time homebuyer credit. New Jersey requires a necessary down payment of only 3.5 percent on 30-year mortgages for people with a monthly debt-to-income ratio of less than 38 percent.

New York, I Love You

New York offers its residents down payment assistance loans. These programs provide loan forgiveness for first-time home buyers. There is no interest rate whatsoever, and the loans are forgiven after ten years, as long as the buyer remains an occupant of the home.

North Carolina

First-time homebuyers in North Carolina are eligible to receive a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with interest rates below market rates. Buyers need a 0 to 3.5 percent down payment for their home purchase, which is essentially giving residents the option to buy a home with little to no down payment. Run, don’t walk to the smoky mountains.

Montana is the Treasure State

If you have been considering a move to Montana, now is the time to make it. Montana is another state offering between 0 and 3.5% down payments on new homes for first-time home buyers.

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A Foot Feature

If you are a female or a small-footed man, it’s possible you have been buying shoes wrong your whole life. Youth shoe sizes are just smaller versions of men’s shoe sizes. So a women’s size 8 shoe in the US, which is the same as a Men’s 6.5 shoe in the US, is also just the same as a Youth 6.5 in the US. There is no difference in the insoles or the upsoles. The only difference is the price. For example, a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s for a woman is $90, a men’s pair is $90, and a youth pair is $80.

You Should Buy A House Before Buying A Car

If you are looking to buy a home, it is best not to make any big purchases first. If you are a first-time homebuyer, pay attention. Wait to buy a car until after you have gone through the whole escrow and closing process. All large purchases get reviewed by your mortgage lender and are used to determine your overall eligibility for a mortgage. Even if you made the big purchase six months before applying for the loan. So that new Lamborghini you have been eyeing has got to wait.

You Don’t Have to Pay For A Third-Party Warranty

When buying a used car, the salespeople will generally try to get you to sign on to a third-party warranty through the dealership – given the manufacturer’s warranty has worn out. What many salespeople won’t tell you is that you can get an extended manufacturer’s warranty through the manufacturer themselves and circumvent an additional fee through the dealership. If you call the manufacturer within 15 days of buying your car or signing your lease, they can advise you on the best course of action for your new vehicle. They will ask you questions regarding the mileage and condition of the vehicle. Based on your responses and eligibility, you very likely will be able to receive an extended manufacturer warranty. This warranty can also be added to your car loan. An extended manufacturer warranty will save the average new car owner lots of money and time.

To All The Publix Fans and All of My Friends in the South

If you are a firm believer in Publix sandwiches, there is something you should know. Publix Deli carries a special bread that is not on the main menu or kept in the bread drawer. This bread is called White Mountain Bread, and it comes in thinner slices and is physically a lighter weight than the sub bread. When you order a sandwich and ask for White Mountain Bread, they are required to give you two sandwiches. So you are paying for one sandwich and walking away with two.

Be A Business Owner and Get A Tax Break

Being a business owner is one of the most rewarding career paths out there. You get to do what you love, and you can make your own schedule! Starting a business also allows for some other surprising benefits like tax write-offs. You can start a business using your own name for tax purposes and change your life while you’re doing it.

  1. Auto Expenses – Write off your car, gas, and repairs with your own business. Any business meetings you need to get to or any other business-related events count. Just keep detailed records of your mileage and whereabouts, and you are good to go.
  2. Going into Business Expenses – Starting a business can be expensive. Just registering the name will cost you. But these expenses can be written off. Everything can be written off from a printer with paper, to pens and pencils or even a new computer. These are all business expenses. One of the more labor-intensive ways to save money is also a great way to make money. Start a business today!
  3. Books, Legal and Professional Fees – Do you need to hire a lawyer or a financial advisor? These services will cost you, but they are costs that can keep money in your pocket in the long run.
  4. Insurance – Pay for your health insurance, your spouse’s health insurance, and even your children’s health insurance through your business.
  5. Travel – Take a company vacation. Business travel is 100% a write-off. You can write off everything from the uber you take to get to the airport, to the plane ticket, to the meals you eat when you’re flying!
  6. Interest and Carrying Charges – Running a business is expensive, even a home business. The government knows this. You can make a note of your home office on your taxes.
  7. Charitable Contributions – Charitable donations not only make you a good person, but they are huge tax write-offs. We should all be donating!
  8. Education Expenses – Training your employees takes money. If you are your only employee, invest in your own education for the betterment of yourself and your company. Then write it off.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out the IRS website and consult with your financial advisor today!