We tend to believe that we must overspend or buy just too cheap clothes in order to update our look or change our wardrobe. This is not true. The fact is, you don’t have to sell your engagement ring online to stay in style. Here’s how to improve your style and enhance your wardrobe without overspending.

1. Take an Assessment of Your Present Wardrobe

Assess your current wardrobe. Your wardrobe should contain at least an indispensable handbag, a pair of sporty flats, a pair of dress flats, a pair of boots, a pair of heels, a jacket, a solid color turtleneck, a solid color T-shirt, a pair of jeans, black dress pants, a knee-length skirt, a neutral cardigan, a white blouse, and a little black dress. This list is the basis of a high-quality wardrobe.

You can create outfits for any occasion without overspending or having to spend a lot of money to buy new clothes when you combine and match these items. As a result, make sure your wardrobe contain these items.

2. Invest in Classic Shapes and Colors

Get value for your money by investing in classic shapes and colors if you must buy an expensive item. You can get far more than a season’s wear by so doing.

3. Shoes are Everything

You want to have a few standout pairs of shoes that’ll match with a variety of outfits. Try shopping at smaller retail stores–they tend to have better options and prices.

4. Replace the Handle or Strap of Your Handbag

To make your bag look like a new one, you can take it to the bag repair shop nearest to you and have the belt or handle removed and change with a new one. You will do this at a low cost and offer you a new bag to boot.

5. Reconstruct Your Jewelry

You can take your jewelry to your goldsmith to create a newer and chunkier type of necklace instead of going to the store to buy a new one that can cost you a huge sum of money.

6. Take Advantage of End-of-Season Sales

To make room for clearance sales, various stores always sell their items at giveaway prices. Take advantage of these sales by signing up for the mailing list of the store. Find out when the next clearance sales of the store will be and use that opportunity to buy items at reduced rates.

7. Combine and Match

Combine and match to produce new outfit combos. If you like wearing the same outfits always, try a great tailored jacket, a colorful blouse, a nice cardigan combined with feminine details, a black sheath dress, and tailored black pants. These few key pieces can be mixed and matched to craft an assortment of different outfits.

8. Replenish Your Wardrobe

Using fashionable accessories is another easy way to update your wardrobe. Reasonably priced shoes and trend-right jewelry can perfectly improve your look without overspending or breaking your budget.

9. Shop a Lot but Buy Few

Avoid buying the first item that you see or try on, but shop a lot and buy few. Compare and contrast by checking more than a few options before you choose your choice.

10. Shop at Consignment Stores

A number of consignment stores may have numerous shopper cards to help you in your shopping. On the other hand, you can take your old clothes to these consignment shops and with anticipation receive money to help you make updates to your current wardrobe.

11. Continue to Learn About Style

Knowledge fuels the mind as self-reliance mirrors a strong mind. Therefore, continue learning about style if you really want to improve your style. You can read various free e-books on sunglasses, hat, shoes, hair styling tools, grooming and other topics. These are various sources of information.

12. Look for Affordable Quality Brands

Affordable quality brands will make tremendous savings for you once you can identify the brands that offer such items. For example – you may desire a quality dress to add additional stylishness to your formal wear or suit – revealing that you have a smart sense of style.

13. Ruthlessly Tidy Up

The secret or truth that nobody wants to reveal to you is that your wardrobe will never be perfect because you will commit errors, and that is alright. At times you cannot resist impulse buys as shopping is COOL. As a result, it is essential to frequently assess and purge each season. Find out why particular items failed to work for you, and use that information to make an improved decision next time.

14. Remove Bad Clothing

At times, we discover one or two shirts or pairs of pants that don’t fit us in any way… and they can destroy the entire cluster. It may possibly dawn on us that we abruptly don’t have good clothes – when the fact is that we just haven’t got rid of the trash.

Get rid of these clothes by putting them in a donation box or give them to people who need them. Clear the clutter in your wardrobe to give room for your new and perfect pieces.

Taking time to do this will enable you reason logically about the good stuff you own. You can start building interchangeable wardrobe – which makes your style choices and dressing-up schedules quite easier. Moreover, that will turn you to a better shopper.