An excellent stylist is one that continues to develop, learn and explore new methods and techniques. An excellent stylist will also continue to add accreditations to their skill set. At the Stacy James Institute we offer a variety of classes to help round out and expand your professional experience.

As a stylist, you are expected to keep up with the latest techniques in hair and makeup and skincare. You also need to nurture the business side as well. The combination of the two will ensure that you are successful for a long time. Let’s look at some ways to keep yourself relevant.

Advertise Yourself

One of the most obvious things you can do to help yourself is to remember that you are a walking advertisement. Make sure that you have great hygiene and you have a flattering hairstyle and makeup application. If you go to work looking less than put together, it will cause clients to lose faith in your abilities. Then it won’t matter how talented you are.


Consider taking a stand-alone certification course in an area that might be new to you. You might consider enrolling in a course to learn how to give a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Taking courses and receiving your certification adds to your value as a stylist. The more you can offer your clients, the better it is for both of you. Your clients will recognize that you can meet all of their beauty and esthetic needs, and you are raising your business value.

Workshops and Seminars

Take full advantage of workshops and seminars that are in the area or from wholesale companies. Often companies will send out their reps to conduct seminars on the newest hair color products, makeup or tools. Attending these will give you the benefit of being well informed on newer techniques, and in turn, you can be sure you are offering your clients the most up to date services.


Practice your listening skills. This is crucial for a successful relationship with your clients. Clients like to feel special. They also want to be sure that you are truly listening to them and their needs. It can be easy to forget that each client needs to be treated as an individual when you are on your 6th appointment for the day. Remember to ask questions related to what the client is looking for, and then listen to what they say. This practice will go a long way towards making a client feel special and welcomed.

Read About Your Industry

Stay current with industry journals. It is a great way to observe new trends in hairstyle, color, and makeup. There are many magazines that are dedicated to this. Reading through these magazines will also help keep your own creativity sparked. And being aware of current trends will help you make suggestions to your clients or even better understand something that they might be describing to you.

Doing these things often will help you to continue to grow as a stylist. In turn, your clients will continue to be happy with you thus ensuring a long partnership.