If your kitchen could talk, what would it say to you? “Is this the best cleaning you can do for me?” “Oh, here’s the lazy bum again…”, “I think you don’t love me that much”, “I look so bland, dam* it!”

Well, if it could really talk, we would certainly hear these things, but … can we blame our kitchen? I mean, just take a nice and slow look at how our kitchens have become all these years? Yes, it might not be messy at the surface, but when’s the last time we had a thorough cleaning on it? Is our kitchen as inviting as our garden? Or as polished as our own rooms? Is this the place that we can proudly show to our visitors?

If your answers to these questions are not that cheerful, then it’s time to read our top tips on how to improve your kitchen and give it a new life!

Here’s what we have to say:


You don’t have to necessarily paint your whole kitchen, painting the cabinets alone would be a good start to give your kitchen a nice facelift. If you’re a bit daring, you may want to paint it with a bright color, but everything goes. The presence of a newly painted utility in the kitchen is a good start in giving it a new life.


I recommend wallpapers instead of paint for kitchen walls because I love changing the look of a kitchen at least every month. I feel that a kitchen or my kitchen in particular, ‘refreshes’ every time I change the wallpapers. Paint, of course, is also good, but since I’m a lover of monthly customizing, yes, I would instead recommend wallpapers.


Instead of scattered onions, tomatoes, crumbs or whatever (eyesores), it is always best to see a delightful object every time we go to our kitchen, and what better thing to put in our kitchen than flowers! The presence of flowers and a flower vase reduces the ‘utility atmosphere’ of our kitchen and makes it light.


If you’re willing to spend on your kitchen’s improvement, you may first look at improving your floor (the most battered part of your kitchen). In this part, what I recommend here is to seek the service of home design experts because they would not only recommend the most appropriate design for your kitchen, you can also be sure about its quality.


It is a liberal shelf for your various kitchen utilities because it doesn’t ‘suffocate’ your things in cramped and closed shelves. Floating shelves add a modern look for your kitchen, and the objects you put in the shelves also serve as the designs themselves.


If floating shelves bring modern look, artworks bring a ‘class’ into your kitchen. Yes … you’ve heard it right, a ‘class’. “But why would I even bother bringing class on my kitchen?”, you might ask. Well, you might want to look at our title again. See? What we are doing here is i-m-p-r-o-v-i-n-g the look of your kitchen, which means that we are taking further steps and do the things that we haven’t tried before.

Back to what we are talking about, the colors in the artwork perfectly complement the colors of your newly painted cabinets, your new wallpapers, and your new flowers. Artworks would add color to your kitchen without overpowering the existing designs and colors in your kitchen.