As a maid of honor planning a hens party and coming up with the best hens night ideas for a friend, many decisions have to be made. Most decisions will involve other girls and the bride to be. Agreeing on everything including activities, accessories, meals, drinks, location, and theme might not be easy as people have different opinions.

More often, the planners find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to decision-making. Here are some of the important things to decide on.

Whether The Bride’s Mother Should Be Invited

Some invite their mothers and mother-in-law, while others don’t. What should you consider before inviting mothers? Hens’ parties involve various activities that may not be appropriate for elderly women. They will be comfortable attending afternoon tea rather than a night of drinking. Thus, two things to consider are their age and how open-minded they are. Whether to invite mothers or not depends on the type of party.

Whether The Bride Should Be Involved In The Planning

There are two options to this, as it can be a surprise to the bride or she may be involved in the planning. When it is a surprise, she will not have the slightest idea there is a hens party coming up. The planners find a way to get information on what she would like without letting the cat out of the bag.

When she is involved, she may have some details such as the date of the party, the guest list, and the timings. Activities can be left as a surprise.

Whether It Will Be For One Night Or Several Days

Do you prefer the hen’s party taking one night or several days? Nowadays, girls are planning it to take place for a few days. They are opting for weekend getaways, short holidays, or even a trip abroad. The number of days for the party depends on the resources available, and whether those involved can afford it. The bride should also decide on whether the party should be for one night or several days.

Things To Consider About The Bride When Planning The Party

When planning a hens party, it is recommended that you consider several things about the bride. What is her personality? Would she prefer a brief or a prolonged party? Who would she like to be at the party? Are they introverts or extroverts? Once you have considered this, it will be easy to plan the hens’ party.

The number of days the party should take, whether the mother should be on the guest list, and whether the bride should be involved in the planning are an important decision to make in advance. They help in proper planning and preparation.