A lot of people like movies. A lot of people like cars. So what do we get when we put good movies and nice cars together? That’s right – the Fast and Furious franchise. We’re kidding! Throughout its many decades of enjoying the limelight, Hollywood stars have had the privilege to drive and feature next to some of the most amazing automobiles humankind has produced. Even though there are many cars which we all remember, some just stand head and shoulders (not the shampoo) above the rest. No batmobiles will be featured, as we’ll only highlight cars that made it into mass production but were so iconic, everyone desired one and possibly still desires to this day.

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

If there’s a movie character that deserves an outstanding car, it’s definitely Mr. James Bond. Back in the mid-1960s’, that was exactly what he got in a super stylish and very fast Aston Martin DB5. It was and still remains a GT icon and powered by a 280HP 4 litre straight six, it definitely went well enough to be the primary means for escape and pursuit for agent 007.

The silver Aston Martin had a smoke screen and an ejector seat which was arguably the cars’ most iconic feature. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to get this car for yourself as it’s extremely rare and colossally expensive. Prices range from 600 thousand British pounds, all the way to 1.2 million. In 1965, a new DB5 cost 13 thousand USD which is 106 thousand USD in today’s money, meaning that it was cheaper than the modern-day Vantage.

Time travelling DeLorean

If the previous entry was an awesome performance car, then this one definitely wasn’t. Even though it’s arguably the most memorable and unique vehicle to ever hit the big screen, but DeLorean DMC-12 was very unreliable, slow and flunked in the mid-80s. Its success came only three decades after the company went bust because during the last few years, DeLorean prices have jumped significantly.

If you weren’t Marty McFly, chances are – you didn’t get to drive one. Well, this can change because if you have at least 30 thousand US dollars, you can get yourself one in average condition. Keep extra cash on hand for electrical problems and classic car steering wheel restoration services to return the interior back to its glory days. People say it’s an awfully unreliable and slow heap of metal, but it’s an icon nonetheless.

The GT390 Mustang from Bullitt

Bullitt was one of the first true car movies. The Steve McQueen flick cost Solar Productions and Warner Brothers 4 million USD to make and besides raking in 10 times that in the box office, the actual star of the film, the hero car – 68’ Mustang Fastback sold for 3.7 million USD just this year.

The driving scenes are impressive even by todays standards. Not a lot of words or overly dramatized sequences. Just roaring V8’s, battling it out on the road, trying to see who’s the fastest. No wonder this car is so loved.

The Skyline R34 from 2 Fast 2 Furious

The Fast and Furious franchise has no shortage of impressive automobiles. However, in our minds the Skyline R34 from the second movie just edged out the orange Supra or the all-black muscle monster Dodge Challenger, both from the first movie.

The sleek and very sporty R34 was used in the first race in the movie and it won that race. Besides, Brian (actor Paul Walker) got from the pier to the race in a few short minutes, proving what a baller-mobile the R34 Skyline really was. The fact that the two-door version is super rare and exclusive nowadays means it is surely the most iconic car from this movie. Besides – its direct successor the Nissan GTR ‘Godzilla’.

Eleanor – Gone in 60 Seconds

Both the classic flick from the 70s and the early 00s reboot shared the same gem – a Ford Mustang. However, since the newer movie is wider known, let’s focus on the Eleanor of Nicholas Cage’s movie – a silver, Custom 1967 Mustang Fastback. It’s the second Mustang on this list but what can you do when Hollywood takes one of the most iconic automobiles, dolls it up and shoves it right in your face. It’s going to be familiar and loved. And Eleanor is both of those things.

Chevy Camaro “Bumblebee”

Muscle car lovers really have their money’s worth with our list. Two Mustangs and a Camaro – things really can’t get better for raw V8 power-appreciating petrolheads. Bumblebee is an advanced robot transformer who takes on the shape of a quite plastic-y and modest Chevy Camaro. Of course, modern day movie fans won’t probably remember that the original Bumblebee in the old days used to be a Beetle, but a Camaro seems like a much better suited choice.