So you’re a new parent and can’t get enough of your adorable little baby. But, as precious as these times are, they can get the worst out of you because your baby is not sleeping as soundly as you want to.

Good thing heaven sent us swaddling blankets that can help you get a little more rest and sleep.

Here are some of the benefits of swaddling:

  1. Babies sleep more soundly. Studies show that swaddling gives babies a deeper sleep due to the increase of REM (rapid eye movement).
  2. Soothes a crying baby. Research has found that swaddling can decrease crying in infants 8 weeks old or younger.
  3. Helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Infants who sleep on their stomach have higher risk of SIDS because they still lack the ability to pick up their head. Swaddled babies sleep on their backs, thereby reducing the chance for that to happen.

But how do you wrap them like a little burrito? We will help you in this step-by-step guide for you and other parents who just want adore their babies even more (and get more sleep). Ready your muslin blanket and read on.

Step 1

Fold the blanket in half to a triangle shape and lay your baby down in the center. But make sure that you leave enough space for the blanket to fold.

To know that your baby is in the right place, the top part of the blanket should be parallel to their shoulder.

Step 2

Put your baby’s right arm across their body to the left and pull over that side of the blanket over it. Then tuck it under your baby’s body.

Make sure that their left hand is still free.

Step 3

Pull the bottom of the fabric upwards and over your baby’s feet and then tuck the blanket on top.

Step 4

Repeat step 1 on the left side now.

Some important reminders

Swaddling does not work for all babies. One thing to consider is the comfort of the baby. If yours doesn’t really appreciate swaddling and kicks and cries when you’re trying on the muslin wrap, then it’s probable that it is not for you.

Remember to put your newborn on their backs when leaving them to sleep.

And to help them be more comfortable, use a light breathable material for the blanket.

Follow these steps and you will have a cozy and cute little baby burrito. Plus you also can get a few more moments of well-deserved rest.