Cat eye glasses are popular among buyers as an excellent style statement. Round-faced people look specifically amazing in cat eyeglasses. The glass adds stunning sharpness to your face by highlighting your cheekbones. You can make your look more stylish by following a few tips on how to wear cat eyeglasses. So if you want to know them, keep reading further.

Tip #1: Get the right frame

  • For round face: Get a cat eyeglass having angular and bold lines. It would sharpen your jawline and facial features noticeably.
  • For angular face: Get cat eyeglasses that are rounder, having large wings and soft lines in the corners. It would enhance your face shape.

Tip #2: Wear a complementing outfit

Cat eyeglasses look their best with formal outfits, especially those inspired by older times between the 40s, 60s and 90s. Wearing vintage attires is the way to get the best look from these frames.

Tip #3: Do a bold makeup

Heavy eye makeup and bold red lipstick best complement your cat-eye glasses.

How to wear cat-eye glasses on different occasions?

Cocktail Parties

  • Cheshire 1 – These 50s-inspired chic cat eyeglasses add grace to your look. In addition to fancy dresses, Cheshire works well with tailored trousers and sleek blazers too.
  • Disley 2 – A body-hugging dress having a soft hemline best suits Disley 2. Don’t add a shimmery clutch or crystal earrings to sustain the focus only on your sexy frame.


  • Clifford – The soft appeal of your Clifford cats eye prescription glasses works well for your below-knee gowns and dresses. Match the soft pinkish crystal frame with your light-colored wedding attire for an elegant look.
  • Belby 3 – This cat-eye glass lets you experiment with different vibrant hues of dresses. Delby gives you eye-catching looks. And even if you are the bride, you can try out these glasses as well. Choose the pattern that suits your special day attire.

Dinner Party

  • Pendle 3 – Adding a stylish cat eyeglass, Pendle 3, can make you look really attractive without needing to overdo things. The transparent frame glamourizes your appearance with a nude tinted jumpsuit. You can also match it with a satin top styled with broad-legged pants in a solid hue.
  • Belby 1 – It gives a warm and cosy look and suits best with short bright dresses. So, if you are the dinner party hostess, then try out this welcoming and stylish cat eyeglasses frame.


  • Clifford 1 – This modest cat-eye-shaped frame gives you a smart look for any job interview with classic black color. They give you a style statement yet a decent look. Wear it with a tailored suit and make a great first impression.
  • Withington 1 – If you want to look a little serious and mature, then these frameless cat eyeglasses are the perfect option. They keep you in style by giving a refreshing touch to your attire.

Romantic Date

  • Disley 3 – Get the sassy look on your date with Disley 3. The boldly shaped glasses reflect your confidence, and their metallic finish allows you to flaunt your warm side. If you have beautiful eyes, then the frame will pop out their beauty more.
  • Cheshire 6 – This glass frame lets you have a put-together look without much effort. The freestyle attires like floral printed skirts would complement the frame better.

Casual Day Out

  • Bacup 1 – A classic frame design with a spin of freshness can be a perfect daily accessory. It goes well with your oversized t-shirts as well as your denim midi dresses. The frame gives a sleek style to your overall appearance.
  • Pendle 6 – The soft translucent cat eyeglass is inspired by vintage style. It suits best to all complexions and lights up the face instantly when you wear it. The frame would look best with an off-shoulder shirt with statement denim.

The final words

Along with this 90s-inspired frame, style your appearance with other 90s popular styling pieces. For example, scrunchies or chokers. There are so many patterns to browse in the cat eyeglasses section. If you are looking to buy the glass for any special occasion, then this guide must have been a great help in your search. Let us know which cat eye glass frame pattern you liked the most?